where to start with a wireless network

  jonez 14:17 05 Aug 2003

I wish to set up a wireless network between two pcs - one upstairs one downstairs. I want to share the internet connection (56k modem) that is on the pc downstairs. What equipment do i need to set it up. I thought that I need two wireless usb adapters and maybe an access point but i am not too sure.
Any help would be appreciated
cheers all

  rawprawn 15:04 05 Aug 2003

click here Daily Telegragh Connected has been running a step by step "how to". You may have to register with the Telegraph to get to the connected site but it's free & there are some good things on there for problem solving. When you get into Connected just search their site for Wireless network you will get all 5 steps listed.

  Webmaster 15:07 05 Aug 2003

If there are only going to be two PCs involved, you will not need an access point as these act as bridges for wireless networks to latch onto a wired network using cables such as cat5 or fibre. However, because only two PCs are involved, technically it could be cheaper to just buy one long crossover cable and two network cards and then plug each end of the cable into the two machines. But I don't know your situation. :-)

With two wireless PCs you can create a peer to peer network whereby no hub or switch of any kind need be involved. This is also cheap in comparison to fitting a large network of wireless computers. Depending on where you go to purchase the equipment it could work out that p2p wireless networking is the cheapest option after all.

You will have to make sure that each of the two wireless network cards you buy can talk to each other, so check to see if they will work without an access point.

  jonez 17:10 05 Aug 2003

I suppose i should have mentioned it in the first place but i do have 2 wireless usb adapters already (802.11b). I'm just unsure of the best way to use them to connect the two pcs together. I also may want to add further pcs in the future.

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