WHERE is the rest of my 320Gb hard drive???

  julius44 19:06 27 Oct 2011

Hello and good evening to you all. Okay, here we go, and i'm hoping that i can get some help with this please. I have a samsung Rv510 laptop that I purchased a few months ago from argos..exact link is here


I purchased this laptop in July, as I also have a desktop, and it has a hard drive disk space of 320gb hard drive(as advertised). I never really checked the hard disk space on it, when i was using it and I had loadz of stuff on the hard drives which I then copied to an external hard drive. I will be selling this laptop on gumtree is a few days, and I decided to restore it to factory settings yesterday, and ive done all the updates and everything is fine, but when I go to my computer, it shows the local disk C drive as 206GB free of 230. The only drive that shows is the c drive, and I know that there is probably the samsung recovery disk that takes some space, but for me to have 206GB left from a 320gb hard drive is way too small, and when I wanna sell it on gumtree, how can I confirm to a potential buyer that it came with a 320Gb hard drive please??? If i can try and claw back MORE of the hard drive from wherever it is hidden, that would be much appreciated. Any suggestions please??

  julius44 19:52 27 Oct 2011

Thanks mooly, I did as u instructed, and it gave me the following information: Cdrive 230.82GB NTFS, 23.77GB unallocated, 25.72GB healthy(OEM partition), 17.67GB Healthy Recovery. So please can u tell me HOW i can increase the C drive from the 23.77GB unallocated please??

  julius44 20:11 27 Oct 2011

okay mooly....do u think Easus partition manager would do the trick???

  lotvic 21:12 27 Oct 2011

As you are selling it,

Why not leave C: as it is and just make an new partition from the unallocated 23.77GB

  robin_x 21:18 27 Oct 2011

Go back in Disc Management where you were earlier. Right click C, Extend.

Or if it is greyed out, Easeus will do it.

  julius44 00:42 28 Oct 2011

Hello robinofloxley, pls can u tell me how to do this in disk management please with Easus partition manager please?? Or as lotvic said, make a new partittion from the unallocated 23.77Gb please??

  robin_x 01:11 28 Oct 2011

The 'unallocated' is just to the right of 'C', yes?

Disc Management:

Right click Computer icon on Desktop. Manage Disc Management Right click 'C' Extend Volume The Wizard starts, just click Next, next, next (the Wizard automatically selects the sizes to fill the 23GB).

Easeus Right click 'C' Resize/Move Hover cursor over right of partition that pops up. Drag the right hand edge to fill the unallocated space (Cursor changes to bars, not cross to do this) Click OK, then Apply on Main Screen. Easeus asks to reboot. Agree.

That's it.

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