Where to purchase Memory Upgrades?

  Border View 16:53 01 Oct 2003

I have an Evesham 800 mgh, 128mb SDram, 30gb HDD, Running Windows 98SE. When booting up lately my comp. has been beeping at me so I've decided to upgrade my 128mg of RAM.

Contacted Evesham and they have advised that I have a Microstar MS-6195 Motherboard. It has three memory slots and each will take 128 mb of Sdram Dimm PC100 Spec chip. (Foreign language this) Can anyone please advise where I can purchase two sticks of memory which will fit exactly the information provided by Evesham. I shall replace the one currently is situ and leave a spare slot.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

  Simsy 17:01 01 Oct 2003

you want click here then select the UK option.

Their service is excellent.

good luck,



  Border View 17:07 01 Oct 2003

Thank you for coming back so quickly. I've visited their site and matched up 128mb Sdram Dimm PC100 but wondered about the "spec chip". Can you please advise what "spec chip" is.

Prices are not too bad either.

  Border View 17:08 01 Oct 2003

Sorry your click here didnt work. Can you please repost. Many thanks

  Border View 17:14 01 Oct 2003

Copied and pasted your click here and found what you were pointing me at. Am still wondering about this "spec chip" though. Crutial quote two 128mb Sdram and don't know which of the two would be best for me. Thank you for responding.

  Border View 17:15 01 Oct 2003

Got you that time - thanks.

  Border View 11:38 02 Oct 2003

Many thanks for responding. Am off to look at PC Advisor 2000 & 2001 Issue archive to find out how to go about installing the new RAM sticks.

Thanks to everyone who responded.

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