Where oh where has my modem gone?

  Charlie Babbage 20:21 25 Mar 2006

I am helping a friend. We built her a new system which operated under Windows Titan - a NT O/S think. The modem worked fine. Sorry, I don't know the make but it is internal, not external.

We have now changed the O/S to Windows XP Professional SP2 but I can't find the modem! I've tried 'Add new hardware' and tried installing a standard modem but this does not work. Device manager does not show any confilcts. Apart from the change of O/S, there have been no other changes to the system. I suppose it is possible that the modem installed has completely failed but is there anything else that I can try to find the modem.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:33 25 Mar 2006

SIW click here
run this see if it finds it, then download the drivers

  WhiteTruckMan 20:55 25 Mar 2006

and re-seat the modem card.


  Stuartli 22:32 25 Mar 2006

You will most likely have to find and install XP drivers.

If you list the modem make and model these can be found for you.

  terryf 23:13 25 Mar 2006

Do a google with modem make and model and add the word drivers

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