Where is OE6?

  pj123 12:13 20 Nov 2004

Running Win 98SE, IE6, OE6, NTL Cable Broadband 750mb.

When I logon to my homepage I usually click on Mail, Read Mail and I get a blue Window "Opening Outlook Express 6" and then my Inbox comes up with all my emails.

Now, all of a sudden this only happens once. If later on I want to check for new emails I click on Mail, Read Mail nothing seems to happen and I am still on my Homepage. If I click on Mail, Read Mail again I get an error message which says:

"Outlook Express could not be started because another instance of it is still running on your computer. Please logoff Windows and then restart Outlook Express. If the problem persists, save your work, and then restart your computer."

I can't find this "other instance" of OE running on my computer. I have tried minimising IE in case it is behind this window but all I get is my Desktop.

The only way out of this is to close everything and shut down and restart. It then works, but once only again.

  VoG II 12:17 20 Nov 2004

The executable for OE is msimn.exe

Have you checked to see if it is a running process using Task Manager?

  pj123 12:27 20 Nov 2004

VoG™, Yes it is running in Task Manager, but whilst in there I also notice I have smc (not responding) and avgcc (not responding).

I ended task on msimn (twice) and then tried to read my emails and it worked. But why is it still running if I close it?

  VoG II 12:32 20 Nov 2004

smc is Sygate firewall and avgcc is AVG 7.

It sounds a bit fishy if both of those are not responding.

  pj123 12:40 20 Nov 2004

Yes VoG™ doesn't sound very good to me either.

According to my Task Bar Sygate is "Normal" and AVG 7 is still picking up email viruses.

I have now ended task on both of those and they have both disappeared from the task bar.

I am now going to restart my PC again.


  pj123 12:52 20 Nov 2004

Right I am back again after a cold startup.

AVG seems to working fine all I get now is smc (not responding) everything else seems to fine.

I have tried ZoneAlarm (had problems) Tried Outpost on the FEs recommendation, (again had problems) now on sygate but if this seems to be having problems is there another free firewall I can try?

  Nellie2 12:55 20 Nov 2004

how about Kerio, I've not used it but have seen it recommened click here

  pj123 13:04 20 Nov 2004

Nellie2, thanks. Just downloaded it. Will give it a try and let you know.

  pj123 15:32 21 Nov 2004

Nellie2, take Kerio off your list. It has taken me this long to get my PC back to where it was.

I took Sygate off and installed kerio. It crashed. I tried again, it crashed. I had to "go-back" to get my PC working again.

I don't know who kerio is published by but I suggest you stay away from it.

  Wak 19:07 21 Nov 2004

Hi PJ123, I've just tried clicking MAIL when using my Home Page and Outlook Express opens OK, it then puts a short cut on the task bar at the bottom of the screen.
I then clicked on the Home Page shortcut (also in the Task Bar at the bottom of the screen) and this brought up the Home Page (Full Screen) once more.
Now, instead of clicking on the MAIL tab again to see your mail, try clicking on the existing shortcut for Outlook in the Task bar which shows that Outlook is already open.
Clicking on the MAIL tab the second time (like you mentioned) is actually trying to open Outlook up again when it is already open, which is what the computer is telling you in the error message.

  Nellie2 20:05 21 Nov 2004

I'm sorry for the trouble you had.. thanks for the feedback

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