Where is my memory going?????

  PvG 10:11 14 Aug 2003

Hello anyone
I am using a Dell notebook and Windows ME.
I don't surf very much but I find that I am "loosing" about 50MB of memory from C: every week and I cannot find where it is going.
I do regular disk clean and defrags.
Any ideas?

Paul G

  hugh-265156 10:18 14 Aug 2003

could be system restore taking up your storage space.

try a disk clean up/remove all but the last restore point and empty your temp files and do a defrag.

this is handy too click here

  Jester2K II 10:18 14 Aug 2003

System Restore?

Temp files?


What else do you use the laptop for?

Anti Virus up to date??

  PvG 10:00 15 Aug 2003

Thanks guys
Not using system restore - takes too much space and after Clean Up (very useful) suddenly 50MB free which them vanished within half an hour.....
Few emails, regularly cleaned up, virus uptodate, notebook only for personal use. Not in-company.
Any other suggestion would be very welcome.

  Big Elf 10:31 15 Aug 2003

Page File?

  kingkenny 10:36 15 Aug 2003

How do you remove all but your last restore point?

  PvG 11:28 18 Aug 2003

I have only used 1 restore point and this is when I have installed the basics including ISP and before any software. I use ME and have frequent crashes. When they get too many per day then I know I have to reformat C: AFter a few goes, no problem, and I know that it will be stable for a while! (relatively)

  MichelleC 11:41 18 Aug 2003

ME can suffer from leakage probs.

I got this from another forum. If you try it make sure to take usual precautions:


I've had a similar problem of memory running low. My machine has 768MB of PC800 SDRAM and it still happened. Microsoft diagnosed it as a low Stack Pages problem, and I cured it as follows:

Start-Run, type msconfig, then click OK. Click on the Systemini tab and go down to the line 386Enh and click on the + box to open it. Look for a line that says MinSPS=(some number, like 16). If the line is not there, click edit and add the line. Start with a MinSPS=32, and add values in increments of 8. I set mine to MinSPS=48. No more low memory problems.

Have you also used msconfig ( System Configuration Utility) to do a selective start up? With Win ME, all that you need running at start up is <*StateMgr> to get things running. The only other things I have selected to run at start up are: Multimedia Keyboard, my CD-RW software, obviously my Norton I.S. AV (5 lines for this one), the 2 ATI graphics lines (card and monitor), Windows updater and MS Works updater. All of the other 25 or so line items I left blank. My machine starts up from cold boot in about 30 seconds.

Try to increase your stack pages resources first. It worked wonders for my system.

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