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Where is my CD this month?

  Housten 11:52 10 Oct 2015

Good Morning, Gentlemen, I have just been handed this month's magazine by my wife. I, usually up to this month, get a CD with the magazine - as I have paid for it - the last time being a 6 month subscription taken by Direct Debit on 15th June 2015. Does anyone have any idea why the DVD has been omitted?

  alanrwood 10:50 13 Nov 2015

OK, I think we can all understand what you say and have some sympathy with your situation. You could have avoided all this trouble had you taken the trouble to write what you have written above BEFORE you implemented the discontinuation of the DVD ie gave us a little notice. To be honest with you it is not a major problem, it was just a point of principle and hopefully you will learn to communicate better with your customers before unilaterally withdrawing something that they had previously paid extra for. That is only common courtesy instead of treating your customers with some disdain and presenting a "fait accompli".

  spuds 11:25 13 Nov 2015

Sir Mistoffelees

You maybe correct. To some it might not be important, and that is the world we live in, but to others, its the principle of how the affair was handled, and perhaps should have been foreseen!.

Your customer's should be the most important to any business, yet at times the customer seems to be the last person to know, and that doesn't just apply to this thread!.

  iscanut 12:03 13 Nov 2015

I agree with alanrwood, I have cancelled my sub as a matter of principle, not because of monetary issues. I do not expect or want a refund of pence, that's not the point.

  kwil2 18:27 13 Nov 2015

At last we get a flurry of replies - even from Jim Martin! Hi you're actually real and alive you say, but maybe not fully functioning! As has been previously said, all this kerfuffle was a matter of 'principle' first, redress of some sort to loyal customers, second. The 'economic' 10p argument while to some extent valid does not take into account that for a very long time the magazine shrunk in size, due I guess to advertisers being as skint as the rest of us due to dimwit politicians and criminal banksters messing everything up since 2008 or so. That shrinking was basically 'shrinkflation' for which we all again paid over the odds for and still are in groceries etc That, Mr Martin et al conveniently fails to mention when they bleat about their economic hardships running a magazine. So despite like others staying loyal to PCA, it makes this latest nonsense all the more unpalatable. As for what is available to download: more and more trial software, instead of what it used to be, namely, more of 'previous' software versions offered free with subsequent manufacturer enticements for upgrade to for the 'latest' superdooper one. Much better balance in my opinion. So, here's a thought: why don't you just junk the trial stuff if the manufacturers are not giving you a good deal to use your valuable customer base as effectively guinea pigs? Personally, I never clutter up my computer with any 'trial' software. I feel especially with high capacity drives and new operating systems, that it's a recipe for all sorts of software conflict and, frankly, downright consumer laziness. As for the free stuff on 'Essentials': you can easily download these from the web without even going near PCA's website. In short, what are we all getting for our money? Hardware/software reviews? Useful, certainly, but again easily accessible elsewhere. Is it scintillating entertaining journalism then? Well, let's say that's a matter for individual judgement. Just understand this, Mr Martin and cohorts: loyalty is not a one-way street. It should not be used as a throwaway commodity. It cost more to attract customers than hold them. You hold them by not taking them for granted and offering them advance notice of change and a recognition of that loyalty by offering them as I've said a sweetener or two to stay with you. All you had to do in this case was to give loyal customers of many years an extra couple of months/magazines free. This would've given you good and free publicity since you don't know who your customers know and who they can influence either positively or negatively. So do the right thing, PCA. That way you stand a fighting chance of keeping Mr Martin and all the rest in employment next year! Let me know when I can expect my 'sweetener'. You now have only a few days to do so.

  wee eddie 19:56 13 Nov 2015

To me, the loss of the CD/DVD is something of a relief. It saves me time investigating the programmes available and the stress caused by deciding that they are not worth the hassle

  bumpkin 00:16 14 Nov 2015

What it costs to make the DVD 10p is not the point. Things may have changed now but when I used to buy the Mag in a shop the DVD was £1 more than the CD version but did have some useful stuff on it.

  Matt Egan 09:31 16 Nov 2015

rdave13 - is your suggestion that we should provide content for free on this website, supported by advertising? A great idea! Can I point you in the direction of, well, this website? The UK's best-read technology magazine, with around 13 million readers every month. Free to everyone, funded by advertising. (The forum equates to less than 5 percent of the site as it is consumed.)

  Matt Egan 09:37 16 Nov 2015

kwil2 - I understand that you are unhappy with the way we communicated this change, and I can only apologise for that. If you are unhappy, that is our failing regardless of the whys and wherefores. But if you don't like hardware and software reviews, I would suggest that you are reading the wrong magazine anyway!

Jim has given you his email and suggested you get in touch - you can get me at [email protected] if you prefer. Drop us a line and we will see if we can do anything to make you less unhappy.

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