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Where is my CD this month?

  Housten 11:52 10 Oct 2015

Good Morning, Gentlemen, I have just been handed this month's magazine by my wife. I, usually up to this month, get a CD with the magazine - as I have paid for it - the last time being a 6 month subscription taken by Direct Debit on 15th June 2015. Does anyone have any idea why the DVD has been omitted?

  Forum Editor 19:30 09 Nov 2015

I'm sorry Housten (and others), I've only just spotted this thread, so firstly my apologies for not responding much sooner.

Jim Martin is certainly a real person, he's the magazine Editor and I've drawn your thread to his attention. I'm sure that Jim will respond asap.

  bumpkin 19:32 09 Nov 2015

*, usually up to this month, get a CD with the magazine - as I have paid for it *

Does anyone have any idea why the DVD has been omitted?

Yes if you have paid for the CD version you should get the CD though not no disk at all.

  Matt Egan 09:32 10 Nov 2015

First of all apologies for taking so long to respond to this thread. I have no idea how, but FE, Jim and myself all missed it completely. This is unacceptable. We take great pride in the fact that this forum is the largest of its type in the UK, and that we are always available to our readers. I am truly sorry for this oversight.

Now to the question in hand.

Virtually all software developers now distribute their programs via downloads rather than CDs or DVDs. Previously software manufacturers required PC Advisor readers to use online registration, and increasingly they demand software downloads rather than allowing us to press the programs on to CD or DVD for our readers. They are just not happy with hard copies of their software being available to be distributed beyond their control. And so PC Advisor has moved from the old disc-based method of software distribution to a dedicated reader downloads area on this website. That's why there's no longer a disc on the front cover of the magazine.

We're still spending time sourcing the best possible software programs that we can give to you for free, we're just not burning them on to a disc. Nor are we designing and printing artwork. This does save us money, as has been pointed out. But it also saves on uneccessary and wasteful use of resources. You are still able to access a curated list of software programs, for free, as part of your subscription. And it is driven by the way software manufacturers want to distribute their code. (I am pretty certain we were the last major PC mag to bundle a cover disc, although I may be wrong.)

I am sorry if this is disappointing. And I am deeply sorry if we failed to communicate this change as well as we should. We wrote to every subscriber to explain the change, but accept that the onus is on us to make sure everyone knows about these kind of necessary changes.

As has been pointed out, our contact details are published on the /contact page, and I am always happy to continue this conversation on- or offline at [email protected]

Once again, I am very sorry this response has taken so long.

Matt Egan

Editorial Director


  Jim Martin 11:12 10 Nov 2015

Following on from what Matt said, I'd also like to apologise for the long delay in replying on this thread. I am indeed real, although I did not write the letter which was inserted into the December issue and bore my name.

I can't really add anything to Matt's post. It wasinevitable the change would affect subscribers, and as has been said, we're more than happy to be contacted about it or anything else via email where you're more likely to get a timely reply.

Thanks for your support of PC Advisor over the years. We really appreciate it, even though it might appear at times such as this that we don't.


  iscanut 11:45 10 Nov 2015

We wrote to every subscriber to explain the change,

I did not get any letter or any advice at all. I emailed and wrote asking for info but did not get the courtesy of any form of reply. I have cancelled my subscription and again, although I wrote to advise this some weeks ago, again, no acknowledgment at all !

  alanrwood 11:58 10 Nov 2015

Thank you for the belated responses however you do not appear to have answered the relevant point. We paid extra for a DVD issue in our selected subscription and the current online arrangement gives everyone the option to download the software without having paid the additional cost. I am looking for some form of compensatory offer to make up for this even if it is just an extra issue or something similar. To just absorb the money is simply not acceptable at this stage. I subscribe to 5 computer magazines and am looking to rationalise this and at the moment PCA is top of the list to be cancelled.

  spuds 12:04 10 Nov 2015

I do not subscribe to the PCA magazine, so in effect this issue doesn't involve me.

But I wonder if lack of communications was caused by third party involvement. The reason why I ask this, was due to an incident that I was involved with quite a few months ago. In that particular issue, I subscribed to a magazine on a trial basis, and with that came the offer of a free gift. The gift never arrived, and upon asking questions, the reason given, was that the free gift stock had run out, and attempts for alternative stocks were trying to be sourced, without success, yet we had not been told of this.

Apparently the blame was placed on a third party, because it was their duty regarding distribution and communication. Had I and no doubt others not questioned this incident, then things would have gone completely unnoticed, and the promised item would have never been provided, even though the publication was. Like I said, nothing to do with this issue, but perhaps a thought worthy of a further answer, regarding possible communications breakdown.

  Jim Martin 12:48 10 Nov 2015

@iscanut2 The letter was a single-page insert included with all subscriber copies. It's the same one mentioned earlier in this thread. To whom did you write asking for advice? As spuds says, subscriptions are handled by a third party - a different company - so we have to rely on them to respond to enquiries.

@alanrwood We do understand this. Please send me an email - [email protected] and we'll sort it out.

  Housten 16:24 10 Nov 2015

Good Afternoon, Everyone, I was extremely surprised to find a load of emails on my ISP telling me that I had at least 10 replies to my thread!! Why had it erupted? I couldn't fathom out why until I saw the replies. After the FE telling me what I should do with Windows 10 - he did not agree with my thoughts - I had decided not to bother with this forum again as he had made me so angry. I started a reply to him, but gave up halfway through as I didn't think he was worth the trouble. I know there will be some people who will have a go at me for doing - or not doing - a reply to him, but he was telling me what I should do although he knows nothing about me. Anyway I am so very, very pleased to see that there are people that agree with me that the removal of the DVD was handled - how shall I say??? - oh! yes I know BADLY!! I am still considering cancelling my subscription after what the FE said and the DVD issue, but am trying to find out when it is due. When I do I will then seriously consider my position. Many, many thanks to all who have posted.

  iscanut 16:25 10 Nov 2015

How about sorting it out for ALL subscribers ?

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