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Where is my CD this month?

  Housten 11:52 10 Oct 2015

Good Morning, Gentlemen, I have just been handed this month's magazine by my wife. I, usually up to this month, get a CD with the magazine - as I have paid for it - the last time being a 6 month subscription taken by Direct Debit on 15th June 2015. Does anyone have any idea why the DVD has been omitted?

  tullie 12:15 10 Oct 2015

Why not send an email to them

  spuds 15:24 10 Oct 2015

Note instructions under 'Replacement Cover Disc" click here

  Housten 15:59 10 Oct 2015


Thank you for your post. I went through the magazine, then decided I must be being thick and stupid. But I couldn't find anything on the contents page. So I went through the magazine again, and I found it!!!

There is a sheet of paper - mine was between pages 38 and 39 - which is signed by 'Jim Martin' - and which tells us that they have stopped the cover disc and instead customers have to use "the new PC Advisor Reader Download zone". Nothing is said about the extra cash those of us who paid for the DVD version will get returned. Presumably we have lost this. I think this is a pretty sneaky way of saving cash, without troubling to tell customers - especially those who have paid additional cash for the DVD - that it will not be available, and please kiss the extra cash you paid 'Good-bye'.

If there is more to this then it is not mentioned on the sheet of paper!!!

  iscanut 16:48 10 Oct 2015

Can I expect to have my DVDs subscription reduced when it is next due ? I think I know the answer.

  kwil2 19:14 10 Oct 2015

Agreed totally...Anyone without subscription can log on to Downloads (even via members' perceived 'special' download number) and get the same options as those who've paid. I've been a subscriber for years and now don't see the point...Will be ending that unless I hear from PC Advisor that a) I get a refund for no longer having a physical disc b) or a refund for PC Advisor's potential saving on postage and packing c) a special reduction in price for my loyalty

All this is sneaky as has been said. Not the way to keep good customers....

  alanrwood 10:25 12 Oct 2015

It might be a good idea for the Editor to make a reply explaining the situation clearly. On the surface there appears to be a problem in that some of us who have a DVD subscription are paying for something we are no longer going to receive.

  iscanut 10:47 12 Oct 2015

I would not mind if access to the software was only available to subscribers somehow, but as it stands, anyone can get access whether a subscriber or not.

  kwil2 17:49 09 Nov 2015

Still waiting for some indication you actually care about paid-up loyal customers, Mr Editor (or anyone else - Jim Martin, if you're actually 'real'? ) Please address the points already made by me and others, PCAdvisor, and be upfront about refunds. Lack of response so far shows up merely as arrogance and taking good customers for granted. If I don't hear within seven days I'll cancel my subscription then make sure any potential subscribers are warned off dealing with PC Advisor or any of this group's affiliates by spreading the word on other consumer forums and social media. I will also blacklist them in other ways from contacting me ever again. I urge others to do the same if they're not happy with this 'Download Zone' malarkey, however it's presented by 'Jim Martin'. If he was in any way smart he'd have told us all in advance and at the very least offered current subscribers some form of 'sweetener'. Cancelling will at least hit them where it hurts!! They're not the only game in town!!

  alanrwood 18:42 09 Nov 2015

Yes I agree that trhis has not been handled well by PCA. I feel very much that the company no longer care what I think and are prepared to defraud me without any explanation. I do confess that I am seriously considering cancelling my subscription as treating loyal customers this way is just not acceptable. All I want is an explanation of what is happening and what is to be done to address the problem that subscribers to the CD issue are facing. Silence is just not acceptable.

  lotvic 19:15 09 Nov 2015

Here is the contact page with all the PCA staff email addresses click here and take your pick of who to email direct.

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