gel 14:45 20 Jan 2006

I use xp windows home edition -Micosoft Works Calendar used to be located as a Short cut on my desk top.
In an attempt to add the calendar to the startup prog. I lost the calendar short cut. Now I caanot find the calendar unless I go >MicrosoftWorks>Programmes>Calendar
This is a bit long winded.
Could any one advise me how to get my shortcut to the Calendar back onto my desk top?
Thank you

  The Ghost of Inept Pig 14:54 20 Jan 2006

Go to >MicrosoftWorks>Programmes>Calendar and then right click, scroll down to Send To.. and then left click on Desktop (create Shortcut)

  gel 15:13 20 Jan 2006

Thank you,
I have tried The Ghost suggestion.
At microsoft works I get
Getting Started Manual
Microsoft Works data base
Microsoft works Spread sheet
Micosoft Task launcher(from which I can get to the Calendar but not able to right click and get a shortcut)

  gel 19:23 20 Jan 2006

Don't laugh.
Where was the deleted shortcut?
Answer: In the recycle bin.
It has been restored.
Problem resolved

  bluto1 20:23 20 Jan 2006

That`s where we mortals find anything we lose.

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