Where is my 8mb Cache ?

  Audeal 00:24 27 Apr 2003

Last Wednesday I posted a thread concerning the purchase of a heard drive and. I needed to know what some of the codes meant which they use when describing the drives.
click here After the very valuable advice given to me I ordered the drive suggested.

This drive was delivered on Friday morning. When I did a close check of the information on the drive I could not find any mention of the 8mb Cache.I sent a message to EBuyer to inquire if this was the correct drive that I ordered. I have not heard from them yet, but I am still waiting.

Can anybody tell me if I could expect to find any mention of the 8mb Cache on the label of the drive, and if so could I assume this is not the drive I ordered but a cheaper one without the 8mb Cache.

I thank anybody who can help me in this matter.


  powerless 00:31 27 Apr 2003

click here download and install "AIDA32 - Personal System Information".

Then open her up and follow this path...

(On the left) Click STORAGE > Then Click EIDE > Then click on your new drive at the top.

Look down the list under FIELD.

Look for BUFFER and it should tell you your cache size there.

Example: 8MB (as mine does)

Obviously you have yo have your new drive installed for Aida32 to recogonise the drive.

Also look on the drives shiny surface for a model name/number then go the manfactures website and try and find it. You'll be able to see if you have your drive and the 8MB cache.

  clayton 00:51 27 Apr 2003

click here

look in device manager for this number

  Audeal 01:00 27 Apr 2003

Hi Powerless. I have Aida32 but I have not installed the Hard Drive yet as I do not wish to open the static bag untill I know if this is the correct drive.

But I can see that what you are saying may be the only way to find out, although I am hoping there is a different method without installing the drive.

I may wait until I hear from EBuyer to see what they say. If I do not get any satisfaction from them then I might install it and do exactly as you suggest.

Clayton. The sereal number is on the drive, if I can find this on the web site then it might tell me what I want to know. I never thaught of doing this before. You sertainly jogged my forgetfull memory. Many thanks for that.

I will post back when I have checked this out.

  Audeal 02:12 27 Apr 2003

Well I have checked the site but can't find out much. I can't find the ser,no. on there.

Also the text is so small that I needed a magnifying glass to read it, and that was after changing the screen display. It is almost impossible to read.

I guess I will have to install it and format it and then check it that way.

  DieSse 02:17 27 Apr 2003

You don't need the serial number - just the make and model number - post it, and someone will look it up, I'm sure - or at least point you at the relevant site.

  crx16 02:18 27 Apr 2003

how much did you pay?

click here £98,without 8MB cache

click here £108 with 8MB cache

  powerless 02:21 27 Apr 2003

click here

DiamondMax® Plus 9

6Y080P0 - 7,200 - 80GB - 8MB

Looks like your drive and the same model as clayton gives.

Here is your drive click here

  Djohn 02:32 27 Apr 2003

If you bought the Maxtor drive, then the following is from the site.

Diamondmax plus 9 model no's starting and ending, as, 6YO****LO, are 2mg cache.

Diamondmax plus 9 model no's starting and ending, as 6YO****MO, are 8mg cache. So if yours ends with "MO" then you have the 8mg version. J.

  Djohn 02:36 27 Apr 2003

"MO" is for the serial drive. Powerless is corect, ending with "PO" J.

  powerless 02:39 27 Apr 2003

That contradicts this > click here which says 6Y080P0 is an 80GB drive with an 8 cache.

Where as 6Y080M0 is 80GB drive with an 8 Cache but these drives are SATA drives different to ATA to what he brought.

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