Where is the @ key on my keyboard ?

  DJHAYMAN 15:12 02 Apr 2018

Where is the key for the @ symbol on my lap top

  wee eddie 15:15 02 Apr 2018

What type of laptop and purchased in which country?

  DJHAYMAN 15:20 02 Apr 2018

Its a Esystem lap top it was bought in the UK

  MJS WARLORD 15:25 02 Apr 2018

the @ key is the middle one of the 3 keys to the right of L you get it by shift and keypress

  DJHAYMAN 15:53 02 Apr 2018

Thanks just found it " turns out to be shift and the 2 key �/p>

  MJS WARLORD 16:21 02 Apr 2018

never used a laptop I always though all keyboard set up were standardized , I did the @ just by using shift and the key I mentioned

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:51 02 Apr 2018

If its on the 2 key thn the machine is set to English US not English UK and can be reset in Settinge - Time and language - Regional language

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