Where and how to install a Bios update?

  Daibus 11:12 30 May 2006

Trying to download a Bios update that I think may help to rectify the fact that the battery on the Asus A6Km Notebook is being drained too quickly because of a USB connection issue.

I get onto the Asus site and A6KMAS.210 will downloaded as a Zip file but I can`t seem to get any further with the installation.

It seems to finish up trying to being opened by Adobe so I think I must be doing something wrong.

Help much appreciated.

  johndrew 11:21 30 May 2006

I am presuming you are running XP.

If you right click on the .zip file and select `Extract All` a wizard will open. Follow the instructions and you will extract the contents to a normal file of your choice.

If you want to ensure you can find everything on extraction, open it from the Desktop and extract to the Desktop and you will have both the .zip and extracted file in the same place.

  kdt 11:21 30 May 2006

microsoft has a patch i think i installed on my daughter's laptop...have a look....i will try and check her laptop & try to revert..meanwhile try MS site

  Daibus 11:35 30 May 2006

Thank you very much for your replies.

I have got the opened file displayed on my Desktop but it`s being shown as an Adobe file which it can`t open. What programme would I select if I go for "Open with"?

Would be very interested to have any information on the particular patch from Microsoft kdt.


  €dstowe 11:56 30 May 2006

Are you sure the battery drain/USB issue is connected with the BIOS and its requiring an update?

I would investigate that very carefully before embarking on a potentially dangerous procedure such as a BIOs update.

  terryf 11:58 30 May 2006

I agree with €dstowe, think of a bios update as a very last resort, you could end up with an expensive door-stop

  terryf 12:00 30 May 2006

PS how do you know that it is a USB connection issue, does the battery drain reduce if you have no USB devices connected?

  Daibus 12:12 30 May 2006

Yes I concur with your comments but the battery life on this new Asus Notebook is barely 2 hours and after going onto the Asus forum it seems to have been a recognised issue that could be rectified by a Bios update - the latest one being released on 8/5/2006.

I know manufacturers claims have to be taken with a big pinch of salt but they do say a battery life of up to 4 hrs should be obtainable but exact information does not seem very clear.

Thanks for your help.

  Daibus 12:22 30 May 2006

I've only got one 1 USB connected and I just tried disconnecting it and the battery life was only increased by 4 minutes to 2hrs 5mins.

A point being discussed on the Asus forum is that because it is an 8 cell battery the battery drain seemed excessive but I will take your comments onboard and be very carefull before I take further action.

  martjc 12:29 30 May 2006

...I think it unlikely that USB has anything to do with your problem.

The thing about laptop batteries is that they need to be put through a 'charging-up ritual' when new. This involves draining the battery completely, then re-charging, then draining again. I would say do this about three times to be sure.
It does give longer usage times between recharges.

Ask yourself: "Did I do this when the machine was new?" If your answer is "no" then your battery may never reach it's true potential.

  ACOLYTE 12:34 30 May 2006

If you have to ask how and where to do a bios update then i would think twice before going ahead,it is not somthing that you should do if you are not sure on how to do it.

Having said that you will also need the bios flash app as well as the bin file for the bios and the flash app opens the bin file.Both of these should be on the bios page on the Asus site.This page may help click here

but i would check all other options before flashing the bios,it is a last resort option.

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