Where have the tabs gone in my Firefox?

  polymath 17:35 22 May 2012

They disappeared recently, about the time I updated to Firefox 12.0 (I haven't been changing any settings lately). A tab used to appear for each web page I visited, that stayed visible until I closed it; now there's only a tab for the page I'm on.

I tried a little cross at the top left labelled 'open new tab', but I couldn't see anything happening. A little down arrow next to it, called 'list all tabs', just tells me what web page I can see in front of me (however many I've visited in the session). Tools - options - tabs has the option 'Open new window in a new tab instead', but it has no effect that I can see.

Is it some setting I could do/a feature of FF 12/me being dim/a combination of these? I can still use History to go back to recent pages, but it means quitting the current page. A task I want to do needs 2 web locations open at once.

Under History I can see 'Recently closed tabs' and 'Recently closed windows' options, but they're greyed out.

Vista SP2, Adobe Flash Player & Foxit Reader were also updated recently. I use AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition 2011 (updating automatically) & Windows firewall.

  lotvic 17:52 22 May 2012

Not sure, the little + should open a new tab.

Have you tried rightclicking on a link and choosing 'Open Link in New Tab'

  lotvic 17:54 22 May 2012

edit, as Not sure, the little + should open a new tab sounds unclear re meaning.

Should be: Not sure why the little + is not opening a new tab, it's supposed to.

  rdave13 18:07 22 May 2012

Try starting FireFox in safe mode. Press the shift key when clicking on the icon. If tabs work ok then it could be an incompatible addon or plug-in.

  polymath 18:22 22 May 2012

Just looked again at the 'Open a new tab' option (via the little +). It takes me to a page headed 'New Browser Tab', with a search box below, and a list of 'recently visited' (at least some of which aren't). I suppose it did constitute opening a new tab, but I had to use History to get back to this forum (which then became the only tag again).

  Woolwell 18:44 22 May 2012

Open a new tab as you have and you get the recently visited etc. Do not go back but in that tab click on the home button and you will probably have a more recognisable page.

  polymath 20:20 22 May 2012

Thanks rdave (I didn't see your post at the time). I tried opening FF in safe mode; no tabs there either (but thanks for reminding me to try Safe Mode more often for problems!)

I did that, Woolwell, and it worked. Thanks! At least, it works if I go to 'Open a new tab' each time I open a new page. I can do what I wanted to now, but has Firefox 12 done away with automatic tabbing? (There are times it could come in handy, if it's still an option).

  Woolwell 20:28 22 May 2012

Not sure what you mean by "automatic tabbing". Do you mean open a new tab when you click on a link?

  polymath 12:38 23 May 2012


  Woolwell 13:13 23 May 2012

Are you clicking and holding down the centre button on the mouse?

  rdave13 13:15 23 May 2012

Just a thought, you don't have the ask toolbar in your programs and features list? This can cause problems sometimes or even another toolbar, even though you tries safe mode.

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