Where have my Thunderbird emails gone?

  Bigpeat 15:10 19 Dec 2013

I have used Thunderbird for some time and had >4000 emails in the inbox. The program has been struggling recently, frequently showing a 'Not responding' message. Today after apparently compacting my emails the inbox is now completely empty so I have lost all my stored emails, though some remain in the Sent emails folder. There is nothing in the Archived emails folder. Fresh emails are received as normal but I would like to retrieve the previously received emails. Are they stored in a file on my hard drive somewhere? If so how can I get them back?

  difarn 17:24 19 Dec 2013

You could try this suggestion from the Mozilla forum.

  lotvic 18:29 19 Dec 2013

"had >4000 emails in the inbox" I believe there is a 4Gb limit on the inbox folder click here Not good practice to keep everything in the Inbox. Make some more folders and shift some emails.

  lotvic 18:41 19 Dec 2013

Messages are stored in your Profile folder, it is hidden by default you have to check show hidden files in folder options to see the folder click here

Backing up and restoring click here

  Bigpeat 18:45 19 Dec 2013

Thanks for the suggestions. I tried deleting the .msf files but this didn't restore the Inbox files. On looking at the Thunderbird profiles folder I can't see any mbox folders that contain more than a few KB of data so it doesn't look as though I can deal with them as corrupted folders. Very puzzling. I considered doing a System Restore but unfortunately the only restore point made available to me was after the emails had disappeared from the Inbox.

  AroundAgain 20:55 19 Dec 2013

May I suggest you

RIGHT click on your inbox folder Left click on Properties... Left click on 'Repair Folder'

This will often restore Tb to normal state again.

Then do the same with all other folders that has lost files

Please post back re the outcome


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