Where have my photos gone??

  golfpro 10:10 22 Jul 2004

I uploaded some photos to my PC (XP Home)via IR from my mobile phone camera, the message was that they had been successfuly uploaded, but I can't find them, where are they???? Any answers please.

  johnnyrocker 10:20 22 Jul 2004

surely there is a program on the pc that would carry out this function and have own files/storage??


  Stuartli 10:23 22 Jul 2004

In theory they should go to My Documents>My Pictures.

Did you get any software for photo editing etc with the camera?

  Gongoozler 10:47 22 Jul 2004

If you know what the file format is, e.g. .jpg then search your drive by the file extension.

  golfpro 13:22 22 Jul 2004

The photo editing software for the sony ericsson T630 only allows downloads as far as I can see, have searched in the files and my pictures/my documents etc with no luck.

  Graham ® 14:04 22 Jul 2004

It could be the PCs infrared device is listen only. I assume the message you got was on the phone. You may have to enable or configure the infrared port. Might be an idea to check its status in Device Manager.

  golfpro 14:12 22 Jul 2004

No Graham, the "upload successful" message was on the PC but nowhere to save the file. IR is working fine, still can't find them.

  Graham ® 14:19 22 Jul 2004

Do you have photo editing software such as Irfanview ot Picture-it? Sometimes these programs will associate with jpegs. If you have one, open it and look in there.

  Sethhaniel 14:25 22 Jul 2004

C:\ -
Admin -
Documents and Settings -
Local Settings -
Temp -

  Sethhaniel 14:28 22 Jul 2004

Documents & Settings - Administrator etc,.

  Graham ® 14:34 22 Jul 2004

From Help and support:

Open Wireless Link in Control Panel.

On the Image Transfer tab, select the Use Wireless Link to transfer images from a digital camera to your computer check box.

In Transfer images to a subfolder of, specify the default location for images transferred by Wireless Link.

To automatically open Windows Explorer to the default location after receiving files, select the Explore location after receiving pictures check box.

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