Where have all my GBs gone?

  AL47 16:12 06 Dec 2009

i have done yet another fresh install of windows 7

installed all drivers and programs

thers now 70gb of used space out of 400 availible!!

i can only allocate for 16gb!
[i opened the (C) drive and highlighted everything and clicked properties inc hidden files]

wheres the space gone?

ive also used ccleaner to remove all restore points

  Input Overload 16:16 06 Dec 2009

Download Sequoia, a small free program that will show you in seconds how your space is used. click here

  AL47 16:29 06 Dec 2009

that program accounts for 18GB

looks like another install :/

  rdave13 16:35 06 Dec 2009

What does disk management show?

  GaT7 16:36 06 Dec 2009

"that program accounts for 18GB" - which program? G

  AL47 16:38 06 Dec 2009

i have a partitioned 500gb hdd,

of which 465GB is availible

Drive C has 402GB in NTFS total availible

[if this requires yet another in stall, im only doing it one more time before i get rid of 7 and go back to vista!]

  AL47 16:43 06 Dec 2009

the Sequoia program shows there is 18GB taken up in files

im still 50 short

  rdave13 16:55 06 Dec 2009

What disk management shows is all you have. GB are a variable when disc size advertised.

Since the early 2000s most of consumer hard drive capacities are grouped in certain size classes measured in gigabytes. The exact capacity of a given drive is usually some number above or below the class designation. Although most manufacturers of hard disk drives and flash-memory disk devices define 1 gigabyte as 1000000000bytes, the computer operating systems used by most users usually calculate size in gibibytes by dividing the total capacity in bytes by 1073741824, but report the result with the symbol GB. This practice can be a cause of confusion, as a hard disk with a manufacturer-rated capacity of 400 gigabytes may be reported by the operating system as only 372 GB. Notable exceptions in such usage are some components of Linux Kerne

From here; click here

  bremner 17:00 06 Dec 2009

AL47 says

"i have a partitioned 500gb hdd,of which 465GB is availible"

That is spot on for your explanation of the 1000/1024 byte math.

It does not explain where the 50GB'ish has gone.

  rdave13 17:03 06 Dec 2009

If disk management can't see it then it isn't there.

  AL47 17:04 06 Dec 2009

yeah im aware of the difference that when a HDD is formatted and ready you always have that % factor less

but this is different i should still have about 4440 left, not 330

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