Where has my space gone

  myanmarboy 09:06 06 May 2008

Just checked the "used" and "free" space on my C drive and was very surprised to find that I have already used 72 gb. I explored the C drive and found flwg -
Videos/Pics/Docs/Music total 21.55 gb
Prog files 3.33 gb
Site Advisor(????) 22.3 gb
Windows 9.0 gb
Total approx 57 gb
Can someone please tell me what Site Advisor is and where is the other 15gb.
Using Vista Home OS. Thanks in advance.

  Pineman100 11:24 06 May 2008

Are you running McAfee security software?

click here

  myanmarboy 14:52 06 May 2008

Yes, I have McAfee security suite from AOL. I have it on 2 other PCs also without a problem. Just to add to my original post, after surfing only, for an hour this morning, I noticed that the used space had jumped another 14 gb to 86 gb.
The machine is brand new (bought last Thursday).
I tried a System Restore back to day of purchase but the "used" sector remained at 86 gb.

  myanmarboy 15:22 06 May 2008

I am really sorry but I have just checked my machine and the 22.3 gb is against Users, NOT site Advisor. Site Advisor is not taking any space.

  myanmarboy 22:21 08 May 2008

Finally resolved the problem. The "lost" space is to do with the way in which Vista handles System Restore. It seems that Vista handles System Restore points in a different manner to the way in which XP does it. Vista, as I read it, creates a whole new bunch of files/folders each time it makes a new Restore point which it stores on the C drive. When I was reinstalling all my software drives Vista was creating numerous SR points. When I removed all but the last restore point under More Options in Disc Cleanup, all my "lost" space came back - 50+gb.

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