Where has my memory gone!?

  northstar555 14:43 05 Feb 2010

Please help, I'm running a Dell XPS with Vista home premium and a 500GB HDD. I have around 10GB of video and 5GB music stored plus a few prorams but nothing big.However my HDD is reading as 107GB of used space.I have Mcafee security and scans show no spyware malware or viruses.Surely Vista can't be using this much memory,if not can anyone suggest where it may be being used? thanks

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:46 05 Feb 2010

Clear out all temporay files and folders -- use Crap Cleaner click here

  canarieslover 14:49 05 Feb 2010

Vista System Restore is the main culprit for using loads of disk space. Use this link click here to see how to reduce the amount of hard drive space it uses.

  Clapton is God 14:53 05 Feb 2010

HDD space and memory are two completely different things.

You may only have 10GB of videos and 5GB of music on your PC but you also have an operating system, probably many other programs (MS Office, Adobe, Internet Explore, an e-mail client etc, etc) and the various files (Word, Excel) associated with those programs.

I assume you also have AV and anti-malware software loaded.

All of these things take up yet more space on your HDD. It's surprising how quickly it all adds up.

And if you don't have a regular PC housekeeping regime, you'll have God knows how many temporary files and System Restore points - again, they all take up HDD space.

  northstar555 15:03 05 Feb 2010

I run Glary Utilities every day and regularly defrag the HDD.I have pretty much all the same software on another laptop running XP and its only using 34GB of HDD space?

  canarieslover 15:11 05 Feb 2010

UIf your machine is running without any problems, ie you are not likely to need to restore to a previous date, then turn off System Restore, reboot the computer, turn System Restore back on and check space free on your hard drive. It should free up a lot of space.

  northstar555 15:44 05 Feb 2010

Thanks for your tips guys,manged to delete all but my most recent restore point and my HDD is now only using 44GB. cheers

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