where has it gone?

  silas.b 15:45 10 Jul 2003

hi i need some help from you guys.
i use my quick launch bar all the time
(u know the show desktop icon, internet explorer and windows media player)

but now its gone. i clicked on the start bar and went to properties and tried to see if i could get it back but i cant.
when i do click it, i doubles the size of the whole bar.

i really need me quick launck back so if u guys could help me i would be very grateful.

  -pops- 15:46 10 Jul 2003

Can you provide more details of your operating sytem, setup etc., please?

  silas.b 15:47 10 Jul 2003

xp, 80gb, 512mb

  Chegs ® 15:49 10 Jul 2003

I have resolved the problem as follows:

The Quick launch Tool bar was recreated by creating the folder of that title in Windows/Application data/microsoft/ internet explorer and sdding the appropriate shotcuts to it.

After tryning any options ,the Office icons and shorcuts have been repaired by eading the users manual "Discovering Microsoft Office XP Standar and Professional". This indicated that the "detect and Repair" option within the help menu is more than in previopus Office versions. executing the "Detect and Repair" option rebuilt the shortcuts and icons for Office programs.

Copy/Pasted from click here

  silas.b 15:51 10 Jul 2003

but what exactly should i do?
i dont get it?

  Megatyte 15:59 10 Jul 2003

Right click your Taskbar, select properties and ensure that 'Show Quick Launch' is ticked.


  silas.b 16:00 10 Jul 2003

it is ticked but nothing is showing near the green start button

  Megatyte 16:10 10 Jul 2003

Open Windows Explorer, find the programs that you want to quick launch and drag the icon to the quick launch bar, next to the Start button.


  silas.b 16:11 10 Jul 2003

but i want the show desktop i con the most.
where would i find that?

  Megatyte 16:23 10 Jul 2003

Sorry, can't help you with that one. I'll have a mess and see if I can find anything.


  silas.b 16:23 10 Jul 2003

thanks megabyte

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