Where to get Professional website templates

  VNAM75 19:30 02 Sep 2009

I'm not sure the style I want so would like a range to look at and choose from. I'm looking for free templates or ones that require payment (but not too expensive).

Once I have a template, how do I import it into my website program?

  VNAM75 20:36 02 Sep 2009

Thanks fourm member, just had a quick search and this one caught my eye,

click here

What do you think, I like the flash intro, but may be the front page is a bit too basic?

  Ansolan 20:56 02 Sep 2009


Depends on your objectives but bear in mind that using a flash/mainly flash site will present problems to search engines. Their ability to index flash has improved to a moderate extent but still not good and the various workarounds not ideal either.

A percentage of visitors also won't be delighted with flash, either straight dislike, or disabilities that stop them accessing the site, neither will all mobile devices cope.

There are plenty of free templates available in compliant XHTML/CSS e.g. at click here and they are usable with most WYSIWYG software. With the essential design built for you to use or modify though, you might be just as happy with a standard editor.

Again, that depends on what you are setting out to achieve. Good luck, whatever that is.

  VNAM75 22:05 02 Sep 2009

Thanks Ansolan, I take your point about flash. The site will be aimed/targetted at companies so the search engine issue is not a problem.

I dislike flash too, but only if it's over the top and especially with dark websites. But other sites, HSBC for example, make very good use of flash I think. But the one I pointed to above seems OK to me.

Thanks for the link, looks interesting.

  Chris the Ancient 09:57 03 Sep 2009

I once got a 'free' template and, in my infinite wisdom used MS Front Page as an editor. Never, ever again!!!

Front page consistently added smart tags, extra code and all sorts of useless and awkward code and really got in the way of making a sensible page. It also put up warnings in IE about there being Activex and/or scripts which might stop people in their tracks there and then.

In the end, I found, in the depths of my software discs, an old copy of Dreamweaver4 that I had never used because it seemed too complicated. After messing with Front Page, Dreamweaver was a doddle.

If you're happy doing html coding, just use something like WordPad and build the pages using that and test them 'locally'.

As to the design, follow the age-old adage of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). A lot of people get very put off by index pages full of flashy gimmicks, sounds, animations etc. I do, for one. If you're aiming at companies, they are interested more in the content than gimmicks. They are looking for content with a professional style. Unless, of course, they are searching for people with a good Flash capability!

  123joey123 11:35 03 Oct 2009

If you get serif Web Plus which not only makes design easy it has some very good web plates. It is not too expensive

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