Where is the forum search button?

  compumac 16:20 11 Oct 2014

Where is the forum search button?

  tullie 16:51 11 Oct 2014

Top right of the page,you cant miss it.

  compumac 17:08 11 Oct 2014


I shall have to lift my head up!!!

  bumpkin 18:16 11 Oct 2014

Compumac, top RH corner will send you to Google, not the forum search which you require.

  lotvic 18:45 11 Oct 2014

bumpkin, "top RH corner will send you to Google" no it won't. But it does use google to search All the pca website, then at top of results page you can click on Forum to narrow it down to the forum.

  bumpkin 19:25 11 Oct 2014

lotvic, that is what I meant but compumac wants to know why the PCA search option to search the forums is no longer there, of course it can be got via google but why that messing about.

  lotvic 19:33 11 Oct 2014

bumpkin, you've missed the point. It does not take you to google, it is still pca website (powered by google Custom Search). Try it out and you will see.

I'm glad they got rid of the other pca search engine, it was not very good.

  bumpkin 19:41 11 Oct 2014

Lotvic, just tried it as you suggested, clicked on the icon and the title. Did nothing at all so not impressed with it myself. You try it.

  compumac 19:43 11 Oct 2014

I did not think that it was me not lifting my head up high enough. I felt sure that there was one on the top left. Perhaps my grey cells have not deteriorated after all.

  lotvic 19:59 11 Oct 2014

bumpkin, "clicked on the icon and the title"

err... what?

you have to type (what you want to search for) in the box and then either click on the magnifying glass icon or press Enter on your keyboard.

  bumpkin 19:59 11 Oct 2014

compumac, there was a search option on the screen but no longer it seems. I know that as I have used it. Nothing wrong with your grey cells.

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