Where is dvd software decoder on ME cd?

  Mr Anderson 13:42 21 Jun 2003

My brother has just gone and bought an oem dvd player from pcw and of course there is no software! He cant afford to buy WinDVD/PowerDVD etc so have been trying to find a free one online which there seems to be zero available.

Checked all cds to see if anything was bundled and was told the ME cd has it one but cant see it anywhere.

There is definatly no decoding software on the machine.

Any ideas/suggestions?

Cheers all.

  ©®@$ђ 13:59 21 Jun 2003

i havn't used windows mellenium for a long time but this is from memory

there should be a dvd player in the windows folder, it looks blue color..

i don't actualy know if that is a software decoder or what it is, but i do remember it being there and it is a blue dvd player

other than that goto download.com click here and download a trial of windvd

or download a free one click here

  Bebee 14:17 21 Jun 2003

I don't think there is any software decoding for DVD in ME. I tried Maximus and found it kept crashing the PC - could be something in my setup but I couldn't get round it and had to uninstall. It didn't leave any problems and would be worth a try.

I have bought PowerDVD fron click here having been pointed there by somebody on this forum. It cost about £10 including postage. Runs fine.

I also had a copy of MSI DVD (I think this is a version of WIN DVD) given to me by the company I got the PC from, and that worked, but it has some problems with Norton Ghost and you have remove some files and replace them with older versions - caused a few problems with other programs.

  Mr Anderson 15:58 21 Jun 2003

Cheers you guys.
The sucker is I have a copy of WinDVD 2000 but it came with my Dell but I cant use it as it will only install on a dell machine.

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