Where to download skype from

  ponytail 17:02 23 Nov 2013

I seem to have lost skype from my laptop and not sure where is the best and safest place to download it from.

  Woolwell 17:25 23 Nov 2013

If you did not uninstall Skype then it's almost certainly still there. Click on start and type Skype in the search box. It should also be listed under All Programs. Or are you stating that you have never installed it as it doesn't come pre-installed. The safest and only place you should use is from Skype (Jock1e's link). However watch out that it doesn't add any extras eg Bing search, bing bar. Untick as you go and be careful.

  ponytail 17:28 23 Nov 2013

Hi Have installed skype from jock1e's link the only problem I cannot hear my own voice when I am testing it what do I need to check

  Woolwell 17:31 23 Nov 2013

What mic's do you have? Is this on a laptop or desktop? Go to Tools - Options - Audio settings and make sure that your mic is selected. Plus check that it isn't muted.

  ponytail 17:40 23 Nov 2013

Hi Woolwell where do I go to find tools

  ponytail 17:47 23 Nov 2013

Hi again Woolwell found tools and options so now what do I check

  Woolwell 18:10 23 Nov 2013

Audio Settings!

  ponytail 18:54 23 Nov 2013

Hi Woolwell I am in Audio Settings now what am I looking for

  lotvic 20:18 23 Nov 2013

your mic

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