Where Do I Store My Music

  NotSureBoutThis 05:22 27 Oct 2006


I have an Acer desktop with I think 2 drives C drive 68% & D drive 99% (Does this make sense?)

I am about to install itunes, so when I download music from itunes, do I save to my music then to the D drive?

No idea where to save to?

Thanks in advance

  azmansell 07:18 27 Oct 2006

i have a similar setup and use the D-drive as a dedicated music drive (provided your drive is 99% free and not full!) i find this better as it leaves the C-Drive dedicated to system files etc.

With regards i-tunes, have you seen the news this week where they have made it so music downloaded from there store can only be played on apple software and i-pods...? this made me reconsider who i buy my music from!

  ICF 07:19 27 Oct 2006

Do you mean your D drive is 99% full?
I would download to c drive and back up the folder to the D drive.

  NotSureBoutThis 11:26 28 Oct 2006


Drive "D" is 99% free, is this where I save it to?


  ICF 11:30 28 Oct 2006

Yes it does not really matter as long as it's backed up somewhere else.

  NotSureBoutThis 11:58 28 Oct 2006

Hello ICF

Forgive me please, although I'm not sure what you mean when you say "Backed up somewhere else" you mean I have to save it to both drives C & D?

  wee eddie 12:08 28 Oct 2006

what ICF means is that any sane PC User has, what is known as, a Back-up.

This is a copy of all the Files, Folders, Movies and Tunes, stored on their PC. Some even keep a Back-up of the OS as well. What you store this copy on is a subject on it's own and subject to lengthy debate. I use an External Hard Drive & Dantz. Others swear by Acronis or Ghost. They all work, which is best is a matter of opinion.

  ICF 07:06 29 Oct 2006

What I mean is have two copy's of your music. What if say your computer would not boot up and needed a complete reinstall.You would then need to re-pay for all the music you have already paid for.

  NotSureBoutThis 12:38 29 Oct 2006

OK, thanks for that

I think I understand what you all mean.

When I download say from itunes to my ipod, I save to "my music" & then save to a disc, is this correct?

  Mr Mistoffelees 14:11 29 Oct 2006


  NotSureBoutThis 15:13 29 Oct 2006


Thanks very much everyone

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