Where do I start to create my "website"?

  powerless 17:37 14 Jun 2003

Having just had Frontpage 2002 for nearly a week now i have not started to create a site i've just had a play with tables, flash menus etc. Seeing whats, what; experimenting and mainly learning frontpage. (and still learning)

Now it's time to start creating the beginning of my website and i havn't got a clue where to start. The obvious place is to start is at the homepage but i'm finding it difficult to actually create.

One thing that gets me is how to make one page appear the same on other pages, the layout etc?

It will be the same as the homepage except that the material in the other pages will be different. The tabeles will not change and the backgorund colour (well its white) i want to be all the same...

How do i make this automatically happen in other pages?

There is "shared Borders" but the layout that it gives is not the way i want the pages to look. I want it the way i want.

So how do i make the layout of each page the same?

  Forum Editor 19:52 14 Jun 2003

First of all you need to create a new web. FP will, by default, create the web in the 'My webs' folder on your hard drive, and that's where it will be saved until you publish it to a server.

Your new web will open in FrontPage with a blank page, and you can then set about creating the homepage, complete with Navigation bars. The best way to get a uniform 'look' is to apply one of the many FP themes, and you can do this by going to the Format menu and selecting 'Theme'. FP will present you with a themes dialogue, where you can choose a theme, and choose to apply it to the current page, or every page in the web. Select the latter option, and you'll find that each time you add a new page it will appear already formatted with the theme.

If you want the navigation to appear on every page in the web you must add each page to the navigation view (View/navigation) by dragging it from the folder view into the navigation view. Place each page directly under the 'Home' icon, and you'll see link lines automatically appear.

There isn't the space here to give a complete FP tutorial, and I think it best that you come back to the thread with specific questions as you get deeper into the software. It's all a bit strange at first, as new software generally is. You're working with a very powerful application in FrontPage, and it's worth taking some time to acquire the basics before you start on your site in earnest.

  powerless 11:06 15 Jun 2003

I have a plan of what i want, layed out etc...

I've dont that bit with a pencil.

The unifrom look that i want - well i hate the FP themes and prefer one of my own. I see what your saying about using them, customising them etc myself.

But i want to use my own design, there's nothing fancy about it. It's just getting it applied to all pages is the problem.

The stange thing is that i've actually typed out a few things the text is alread to be implemented into a page. Trouble is the layout being apllied to all pages is what i'm after.

As i say not using the the FP themes.

  Forum Editor 11:17 15 Jun 2003

by modifying one of the FP themes, and I suggest that you do this. It's straightforward enough, and it's the ideal way to get from A to B quickly. Give your theme a unique name, and apply it to your site.

  powerless 14:34 15 Jun 2003

I have the tutorial already, decided to print the 60 or so pages, but ran out of paper.

Themes - When i select a theme only the backgroud of the theme appaears. No links etc, just the background...

Whats wrong there then?

  Forum Editor 19:04 15 Jun 2003

You have to add the navigation system yourself, and the theme will automatically be applied to bullets etc, as you type the text into your tables........you are using tables aren't you?

  powerless 19:27 15 Jun 2003

Oh yes i am.

I picked up from yourself that tables are better than frames.

So i am using tables.

It's been fun too.

  powerless 22:44 16 Jun 2003


I decided to start from the beginning. I created an empty web and then applied a theme to the index.htm.

I just get the background.

Now i then created my table and added a few bits into it.

I then saved.

I then opend a new page and i get a blank white page.

No theme.

What am i doing wrong.

  powerless 03:17 22 Jun 2003

I now have a layout that i am happy with.

When i create a new page the naviagtion etc is already their.

I'm having a play with the homepage to what should go in it.

Every other page is easy but the homepage is changing all the time - Its content not the layout.

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