Where do I stand on licencing?

  Pineman100 09:57 12 Apr 2009

When I bought my Packard Bell XP Home Media Center computer over 5 years ago, I created a set of recovery CD's, using PB's once-only function that was preloaded in the computer. It created a set of 4 CD's, and this function then deleted itself.

I've just installed a new hard drive in the computer, and I find that the CD's won't work. I've no idea why.

I've always understood that it is perfectly acceptable under the licencing rules to use any Windows XP CD to reinstall the OS, so long as you have a valid product key. So I borrowed a friend's XP Home disk, created a slipstreamed SP3 CD from it, and installed from that. However, when I tried to enter my own product key, it was refused. I've no idea why - could it be because the key for an XP Media Center edition won't work with an ordinary XP Home edition?

I presume that if I install XP using my friend's product key, then I am infringing the licence (even though I have technically bought the right to use XP on this computer). What do you think?

Can you see any solution to my problem, please?

  canarieslover 10:23 12 Apr 2009

If your old hard drive is still working the why not clone your system to the new hard drive? Download XXCLONE from here click here and either use a caddy for your new drive or install it as slave in your computer and then run the program. I have used it successfully to do this job on a previous computer. XXCLONE is free to use so no extra cost involved.

  natdoor 10:41 12 Apr 2009

"Could it be the key for an XP Media Centre edition won't work with an ordinary XP Home edition?" Yes.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:46 12 Apr 2009

1. has old drive died?
2. if not use second drive as a slave
3. or use cloning software to clone original drive to new drive.

  Pineman100 10:59 12 Apr 2009

One of the reasons that I'm reloading Windows is to get a shiny clean new install. My 5+ year old installation has got very slow, buggy and sludged up, so I want my new drive to have a new Windows XP on it.

I do use Acronis TI, but for the above reason I didn't really want to clone to the new drive.

  DieSse 11:05 12 Apr 2009

"My 5+ year old installation has got very slow, buggy and sludged up"

Try speeding it up, unbugging and unsludging it. There's no special reason that can't work. My 5 years or more installation runs as well as, possibly even better, than it ever has ('cos I've learnt more about how to do so better). Nothing more than regular housekeeping. Nothing out of the ordinary in the way of tools - all the usual suspects.

Otherwise, what you need is a media centre edition of XP to do a re-install with your product key.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:06 12 Apr 2009

Clean install, then you need to borrow a media centre CD

  DieSse 11:07 12 Apr 2009

Give us a general idea of you system specs please.

  Pineman100 11:37 12 Apr 2009


Pentium 4 3.2GB
Mobo NEC P5S800-VM (branded Asus)
Display ATI Radeon 9550

Not sure what else you might need to know?

Fruit Bat /\0/\ - I had a feeling that was the case, thank you. :o(

  DieSse 13:08 12 Apr 2009

The display card might do with a bit of improvement. Otherwise it should feel faster than my P4 2.4GHz system, which is otherwise very similar. I don't regard my system as sluggish - though I have seen systems with faster processors which have a bit more speed, they never seem like a "transformation" to me.

In what way does it fell sluggish? Are you gaming on it, which is a different kettle of fish.

  canarieslover 13:21 12 Apr 2009

Clone it first so that you have a working, if sluggish, copy to fall back on. Then you can try to do all the housekeeping that your original installation appears to need to speed it up. If you kill the original then you can clone it back and start again. Uninstall any programs that you don't need, defrag, run Ccleaner or something similar to get rid of rubbish that has accumulated and then a registry cleaner to finish. You will probably find that makes quite a difference.

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