where do i stand?

  max69 13:10 10 Mar 2003

a few weeks ago i had all sorts of problems with win98 and had to look in the local yellow pages for some professional help.
the guy came out and took away the hard drive.a week later he came back and told me that he was unable to re-install 98 and had put in xp.
i am not very computor savvy and excepted what he said without question (paid him 60 quid)after he had high tailed it out of here i had all sorts of problems-no use of html/no driver found for sound card/etc,etc,etc.
four times he promised to come and have a look and four times i sat in waiting but no show.
i then went and had a word with another computor whizz who told me that that what he had done was naughty.i.e installing a dodgy pirated copy of xp.
he left me with no back up disc no serial number and of course after thinking long and hard it makes sense in the fact he is just selling on cheap unauthorized copies of xp for 60 pound a pop.

it all came to a head on saturday when i phoned him up to tell him what for.he put the phone down and is now denying he ever met me but i do have a receipt for the work he carried out initially when he took the hard drive away for repair.
what i really want to know is who can i report him to?has he brokon copyright law?should i just write it off as a bad experience or make the cheating swine pay?if yes who should i report him to?trading standards maybe.

any advice on where i stand would be much appreciated.

  powerless 13:14 10 Mar 2003

The police - software piracy. If you can prove it, don't want to be waisting there time.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 13:43 10 Mar 2003

If you know where he lives get round there and get your money back any way you can not gonna give you examples but you get the drift then inform police and trading standards.I would be a pig and put an add i paper saying what a ripoff merchant he is and tellin e1 to keep away,but that me im spiteful like that lol.


  stlucia 14:00 10 Mar 2003

Police and Trading Standards sound like the proper routes. But they won't get your computer fixed!

Seems like you now need to uninstall the (alleged) bootleg copy of XP, and reinstall your kosher copy of Win 98 (you do have the original CD, don't you?) to get back to where you started. Then someone on this forum can help you with whatever problem still remains.

  cherria 14:04 10 Mar 2003

Take a look at the Federation against software theft (FAST) click here

and the Business Software Alliance (BSA) click here

they'll be interested if this guy is doing this systematically.

  vaughan007 14:57 10 Mar 2003

Your local trading standards office is the place to report this.

Also tell the Yellow Pages.

  Stokey 15:21 10 Mar 2003

First things first -- contact the police immediately!!!

  Stokey 23:41 10 Mar 2003

Ticked as resolved I see. How? What happened?

  Forum Editor 00:48 11 Mar 2003

are Microsoft. They have a special anti-piracy hotline, and will take action against software pirates. Your identity will not be disclosed to the pirate.

Phone the Microsoft Anti-piracy Hotline:

0800 013 2222 (freephone number)

Software piracy is a crime, and can result in heavy fines or even imprisonment.

As far as getting your money back is concerned - don't take the law into your own hands as some people might suggest, that merely puts you in the wrong as well. Write to this individual, telling him that unless he refunds your money in full within 7 days you will take immediate action for recovery through the courts. Tell him that you know he has sold you an unlicensed copy of Windows XP, and that it will be in his own interest to refund your money.

If he doesn't pay, you have to decide what to do. By all means speak to the Police,this person may have done the same thing to others.

  spuds 01:33 11 Mar 2003

Contact the people the FE and cherria suggests, in the first instance.The contacts mentioned, should give the help and assistance that you seek.Your local Trading Standards may help, if other people have made complaints about the gentleman in question.

  Stokey 08:43 11 Mar 2003

Not looking for suggestions now though is he. Thread has been ticked as resolved. I was interested to find out how. Call me nosey!

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