Where do I put video software

  tes 12:38 02 Nov 2003

Before anyone suggests it,Iv'e tried that.
Seriously though I am building a new comp. with two hard drives.one drive will be C the other I am deticating to video work. DO I put the software (pinnacle studio ver 8) on drive C or on the video drive?

  bremner 12:45 02 Nov 2003

Where ever you want, it does not really matter

  Bagsey 12:46 02 Nov 2003

I have my pinnacle software on C: and my captured video on D: to keep all my video in one place. Video is a very disc hungry medium so having it on its own disk makes things just a bit easier to control.

  AubreyS 12:49 02 Nov 2003

Anysoftware that you install normally goes into C: Programs. But as bremner say's, it doesn't matter wher you put it.

  flecc 12:50 02 Nov 2003

It's best to keep the partition or drive that you use for video editing completely empty exclusively for that use, so don't put the program into there.

The reason for this is that video editing creates huge fragmentation and having a partition that is empty after the function is completed means you never have to defragment it.

  MichelleC 13:17 02 Nov 2003

I agree with the others. I started dv editing with Pinnacle a while back and they advised putting main prog on 'c', with data and editing on another hd. I've continued doing this and always advise accordingly. This helps to eliminate many conflicts and errors and also saves your data if os goes caput. Some folk render to a 3rd hd as well.

BTW It doesn't matter is both hd's are different revs, as it's not the revs but read/write speed which matters.

  Kudu 13:27 02 Nov 2003

"We recommend using a separate hard drive dedicated to video capture to avoid competition for the drive with windows and other software during capture." I took this to mean D drive.

  tes 14:14 02 Nov 2003

Thanks all

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