Where do I get ac charger for pcmm1110

  Anne gasson 10:57 29 Jan 2018

Where can I purchase ac charger for my sharp notebook pic mm1110

  Bris 15:13 29 Jan 2018

Official one click here very expensive!

Alternatives click here you need to check the connections and ratings.

Whether you take the safe option and pay the premium or go for the cheaper option is up to you.

  Govan1x 16:02 29 Jan 2018

If you are stuck and cannot find one, You may be able to repair the one you have.

You need someone to be a little tech minded for doing this and if I can do it anybody can.Only do this as a last resort.

Click Here

  alanrwood 16:34 29 Jan 2018

Looking at the pictures linked in Bris's post the original looks to be terminated in a plug whereas the Universal only shows socket terminations. Can't be absolutely sure about the original as it is a bad picture (The second one) so just physically check that the original matches one of the Universal terminations. Also just check the power ratings. Maybe no problem but worth checking first.

What bis the actual problem with your original adaptor. If it is just the termination plug/socket than they are reasonably easy to replace by any qualified electrician.

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