Where do I find XP code on my system

  User-1588274A-9D3C-498C-8C0DA31AC383CF8F 10:15 24 Jul 2003

I have bought a PC which is using XP, the company have supplied me with CD, and an authenticity certificate which is stuck on machine, but no code. Does anybody know where I can look on the system to find out the code. My system has become unstable I may need to reinstall.

  The Transporter 10:21 24 Jul 2003

go here :-)

click here

  Philip2 10:21 24 Jul 2003

The code should be on the back or top of your tower or the recovery disk you must have the code no computer would be sent out with out it as it would be useless.If you can't find give them a ring.

  -pops- 10:33 24 Jul 2003

A genuine Authenticity Certificate sticker, as is required to be applied to Windows computers, has the Product Key printed on the sticker.

I would be concerned if it hasn't.

  Jester2K II 10:40 24 Jul 2003
  The Transporter 10:43 24 Jul 2003

couldn't find the link to post it up. Ive got it but couldn't find where from.

  -pops- 10:45 24 Jul 2003

Looking on the sticker is the most simple way of finding this out. If the information is not there then there is something amiss. In those circumstances I would begin to doubt the authenicity of the Authenticity Certificate.

It may well be that I am wrong but the recourse then is to contact the supplier of the machine to explain.

  Jester2K II 10:53 24 Jul 2003

Depends on the situation. I don't have a sticker. My PC is home built and legally licensed. I had Windows 98SE upgraded to XP. Later a clean install of XP was installed. My XP CD code is at the back of the cupboard behind half a ton of crap. This program gets it for me in seconds....

Secondly with all the help given out for programs like Kazzaa and DVD Magic is one more thread going to make any difference??

  -pops- 11:06 24 Jul 2003

OK, by your admission, your situation is different - very different.

In Deddie's case she has " bought a PC which is using XP". In those circumstances Microsoft require the certificate with the product key to be affixed to the exterior of the PC.

I have one of these certificates in front of me now. On the part that the customer doesn't normally receive the is an exclamation point inside a yellow triangle with the statement:

"You are required to affix this Certificate of Autheniticity label to the exterior of the PC".

On that certificate is the Product Key.

The "You are required" part of the statement is in bold and italics. The whole thing is printed on thick plastic film with a Microsoft hologram all over it.

My concern now is not so much how to do it but has Debbie got something less than genuine.

I don't understand your sentence beginning "Secondly - -, sorry.


  Jester2K II 11:21 24 Jul 2003

I see your point.

As for my second point. I provided a link to a tool that can do the job asked. It not illegal but its use could be (same as the DVD Magic supplied by PCA in this month cover disk and Kazzaa months before!).

The problem of getting the CD Authentication Sticker from the supplier is down to Debbie26 to sort (with our help if she so wishes). I've tried in the past to make sure that i supply the link to this tool only to those running legal Windows XP installations. I've given up now. It appears that there is a lot of disregard for the law by a section of the PCA community and no matter how much i rant and rave about it (and i do) they are not going to change.

Debbie26 asked a specific question. I answered it. Its down to Debbie26 to decide how to handle the problem with the Authentication Certificate.


  Jester2K II 11:30 24 Jul 2003

Yeah i knew on reflection (even after reading it and rewriting it several times) it would look worse that i thought.

Debbie26 - sorry let me clarify. I was making no accusation about you own morals and the legality of your Windows XP installation. I apologise if it looks that way.

The point i was trying to make is that i used to try to make sure i give information to those running legal copies of Windows. But because this information is available to all to read (legal or not) i no longer bother checking. If i went down the "is it legal route??" first i'd soon get chastised by those who aren't bothered if their copy is legal.

The tool i gave a link for is legal just don't use it illegally.

Pops is right though - if you don't have an Authentication Sticker then you have another problem to solve.

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