Where Do i find

  Bomberboy1943 08:58 07 Jan 2004

Where do i find the registry I have been given some info about removing a unwanted dialer

  plsndrs3 09:05 07 Jan 2004

You can use RegEdit [Start>Run>type regedit] but you need to be careful as any incorrect alterations will stop your PC - or programs - loading. ALWAYS back up before change!

Post back if you need help on how to do this & let us know what you are trying to do so that we can best advise you.



  plsndrs3 09:10 07 Jan 2004

Here is how to do this - click here - I would suggest you print a copy & read thoroughly before doing anything & make sure that you feel comfortable with the procedure.

Again, post back with any questions or queries.



  Bomberboy1943 09:14 07 Jan 2004

Can you tell me in which folder or file I can find the unwanted Dial up

  Jester2K 09:19 07 Jan 2004

You obviously have a problem with a dialler or dial up problem. You say you've been given information on how to remove it but you don't know your way round the registry (or even where it is). Not a good idea to tinker with the registry.

Can you explain EXACTLY what is happening, what version of Windows and maybe we can help you better.

If you know you have a dialler have you tried Adaware click here and SpyBot click here yet? Download, Install, Update and scan with each one. SpyBot is better at finding dialler but AdAware is updated more often.

  Terrahawk 09:19 07 Jan 2004

have you tried spybot s&d before you start on the registry free download from click here

  Bomberboy1943 09:32 07 Jan 2004

ihave an unwanted dialer and it refuses to let me set my home page i can set it to say pc world but when iturn on my compuer after shut down the homepage returns as 123found.com also when i Remove the Icon from my desk top and tool Bar The start one again on restart they are back I have no idea how they came to be there as i Did not down load them my o/s system is 98se I have tried all the above but to no avail.

  Jester2K 09:36 07 Jan 2004


Start Menu, Run...., Type MSCONFIG and click on the StartUp tab.

You should see a list of everything that starts up with your PC.

Look down that list post here whats listed. We'll tell you what to uncheck.

  Bomberboy1943 10:32 07 Jan 2004

Why ya a bunch of cannie lads and lassies ur id id as you said went to Start>Run>MSCONFIG and on running down the list I saw the offending peice checked the box rebooted my computer took the Icon
off the desk top and out of the Taskbar start menu put my home page to My Yahoo! 2 rebooted as a test and I no longer have the icons or loss of home page Thank a million Folks it was worth joining

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