Where do i connect this molex thing?

  toon_mad 12:08 05 Nov 2008

Hi ive just recieved my Fox-1 System blower PCI for my Asus P5N-E SLI motherboard. Ive screwed it in just above my sound card and below my gfx card, all i need to do now is connect the molex connector, but i see nowhere for it!

Other info if required:
Atrix 650watt PSU
Apevia X-Cruiser Case

These images are from google, as such the motherboard has different components, but the same model

The fan: click here
The Motherboard: click here
The Molex has two black and red cables, and appears to be a double sided 4 way end.

Please help me locate where i connect the molex connector, and if i dont have one how do i get one, or convert an existing (if any) into more?

Hope it makes sense, Thanks in advanced

  sil_ver 12:14 05 Nov 2008

You need to connect it to any spare connector from your PSU. If you dont have a spare connector you will need to buy a splitter so that you can divide one connector into two

  toon_mad 12:27 05 Nov 2008

Im not sure how to get it to my PSU, the pc is new custom built (not by myself obviously) I can see 3 maybe 4 largish blue cables (the material is like that of a shoe lace!), so all these blue cables go to my PSU and there is no room for anything else to feed through. These blue cables go through the front of the PSU.

If i need a splitter where would i put that?


  I am Spartacus 12:39 05 Nov 2008

I hope it's a sucker rather than a blower :o)

Quite often there will be a spare molex connector from the PSU as sil_ver has suggested. If they're all in use then connect your new fan and connect whatever that was originally connected to through it. However there should be 6 molex connectors with that PSU but the plugs may be coloured black rather than white.

  Zeppelyn 12:41 05 Nov 2008

This is thekind of splitter you need if you have none available click here

You then detach one from hard drive or dc /dvd drive and then you have a split youcan reattach to drive plus fan.

  sil_ver 12:42 05 Nov 2008

You will need to get inside your PC to access the PSU cables.(The PSU will be fitted inside, the only external connection will be the mains socket) The one you need to look for will have an identical Molex connector to your fan but will be female. You should be able to buy a splitter from any PC store

  toon_mad 12:44 05 Nov 2008

"I hope it's a sucker rather than a blower :o)" Its a blower, is that bad?

"This is thekind of splitter you need if you have none available click here"

There are some tie wrapped round my case inside, just sitting there, might try and get a pic uploaded some time today if i cant figure it out.


  toon_mad 12:53 05 Nov 2008

i think i get you know, just followed some of the cables and noticed both my case fans have the same connector, and they are doubled up by a splitter from what i can see. There are some of the molex things sitting in the case doing nothing, i wonder if i try connecting it to one of these it may work.

  I am Spartacus 13:02 05 Nov 2008

They should. Looking at the description of the Fox-1 it is a sucker and removes hot air from the case and exhausts out of the back.

  toon_mad 13:05 05 Nov 2008

yeah there is holes at the back of the case, i guess the air goes out there.

Just literally got my Blue Orb II CPU cooler, so its going to be a fun day today installing these two!

Hope i get them sorted, thanks everyone..

  I am Spartacus 13:14 05 Nov 2008

Don't forget to clean off the old thermal paste residue and apply new when you fit the Orb.

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