Where to dispose of old hardware?

  Ping Pong 23:10 18 Sep 2003

Is there any organisation that can make use of old computer spares. I have upgraded a lot of my components recently and dont really want to just throw away the old ones. They work perfectly. I have a cd writer and a 32mb Radeon graphics card. I think it would be a waste to just throw them into the bin and they are not worth selling on as at this stage they are worthless.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:46 18 Sep 2003



  cool_britannia 23:51 18 Sep 2003

yes mate the organisation is called me

  spuds 00:15 19 Sep 2003

Try your local council. They may have a list of possible companies or charities, that deal in the type of equipment that you have available. But I should warn you, that alot of these companies only deal in bulk, due to high administrative costs.A couple of items, that may or may not work, when assembled in another machine, just wouldn't be worth collection. Try the local freebie adverts, or contact someone like the local scouts or youth group.

  sicknote 00:26 19 Sep 2003

Have heard of people like the air ambulance service,or things like that that need to raise money

  john-232317 07:23 19 Sep 2003

Anyone who runs carboots for charity would love them, or local charity shops.

  Bagsey 07:57 19 Sep 2003

I believe there is an organisation that refits old pcs to send to schools etc. in developing countries.

  seedie 08:14 19 Sep 2003

Put the stuff in a skip near you, I'll be round later, always got my head in them.

CD :)

  mole44 08:18 19 Sep 2003

do as i do give them to any friend/workmate who has no machine and wants to try out computing but doesn`t have spare money to try it.or as a friend does use it as a spare machine to learn more of how a compter works i.e. registry/bios e.t.c.

  dave h 11:18 19 Sep 2003

Try typing "unwanted computers" into Google> advanced search> exact phrase box;

Then typing "uk" in the "with all of the words" box

Then take your pick from the results

  dave h 12:25 19 Sep 2003

further to the above, try this site -click here

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