Where is countdown stored?

  Graham ® 21:18 30 Oct 2004

I hope this is not a taboo subject!

I have often wondered where time or use limited trial programs remember how long we have to go.

For example, if you get a message to the effect that this is the last day, if you uninstal the program and download it again, you don't start from day 1 again, you can't use it again as a trial.

  Dan the Confused 21:21 30 Oct 2004


  VoG II 21:23 30 Oct 2004

Tut, tut!

The registry, I would guess.

  Dorsai 21:24 30 Oct 2004

Channel four's web site.

  Graham ® 21:31 30 Oct 2004

For research purposes only! I tried with one program, once uninstalled, no registry entries found.

I did a re-instal of O/S, that removed the 'memory'.

I think we should be told! This is, at the end of the day, something being stored on my computer.

  Dorsai 21:45 30 Oct 2004

But if you dont like the idea, dont install the app to start with. IF you install it, you are agreeing to it putting stuff on your HDD. No where does it say that the un-install part has to take it all off. It is well known that uninstall progs leave stuff behind. So some stuff left behind is when you first put it on. So? Antimal will shift nasties, whats left is harmless to you, and protects their copyright interests.

  Graham ® 21:48 30 Oct 2004

Please elaborate/link.

I must stress, I'm not looking for a 'fix', so please don't post any.

  Graham ® 21:52 30 Oct 2004

Crossed in post. Appreciate your sentiments, I think I have my answer, thanks.

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