Where is countdown stored?

  Graham ® 21:18 30 Oct 2004

I hope this is not a taboo subject!

I have often wondered where time or use limited trial programs remember how long we have to go.

For example, if you get a message to the effect that this is the last day, if you uninstal the program and download it again, you don't start from day 1 again, you can't use it again as a trial.

  Graham ® 21:31 30 Oct 2004

For research purposes only! I tried with one program, once uninstalled, no registry entries found.

I did a re-instal of O/S, that removed the 'memory'.

I think we should be told! This is, at the end of the day, something being stored on my computer.

  Graham ® 21:48 30 Oct 2004

Please elaborate/link.

I must stress, I'm not looking for a 'fix', so please don't post any.

  Graham ® 21:52 30 Oct 2004

Crossed in post. Appreciate your sentiments, I think I have my answer, thanks.

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