Where can we get a new Inspiron 1525 battery?

  Housten 16:58 14 May 2013

Good Afternoon, Everyone

My wife’s laptop battery is giving up the ghost, quite rapidly. Being a simple fellow I thought that all I had to do was to google ‘Dell Inspiron 1525 battery’. No way!! To say I am confused is to put it at its mildest. After seeing some of the results I went and measured hers and got the size as 204 X 47 X 20 mm. But there are all different sizes listed but none I have seen as being that size. Initially I had thought it was an internal battery and a slight difference in size would be acceptable. But no, it is external and forms a fairly substantial part of the machine and its support structure. Now the machine is 5 years old - purchased in June 2008, to be exact – and I would like a) any battery that will work; b) a battery that is as powerful and long lasting as possible. I may being naïve – yet again – but I have seen plenty of 9-cell batteries that seem to infer that they are the best, and I would like one of these as they seem to give a longer user-time before having to be re-charged. But I haven’t found one of the correct size, so does anyone with an Inspiron 1525 have any recommendations as to where to get a good replacement battery. Yes I know the obvious place to go is Dell, but have you seen the prices they want – and it was in dollars so I expect post and packaging would have to be added to that as well as a very uncooperative exchange rate!

All ideas will be most warmly welcomed. Many thanks in advance for all suggestions.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:04 14 May 2013

Look at the part number on the battery and type that into google.

  rdave13 17:36 14 May 2013

Have a look in the list here. Select the similar shaped one and click on it. Enlarge the photo then using CTRL and mouse wheel enlarge to the size of the laptop's battery and compare connections etc. Once you know the type then search for a 9-cell one.

  rdave13 16:41 19 May 2013

Any luck?

  Housten 12:27 20 May 2013

Gentlemen, Good Afternoon,

I haven't updated this question, as yet, as we are supposed to have a battery arriving in the next day or so!! Although this is dependent - I am certain - on the snail mail, so it could be Thursday week before it arrives. The only thing that is worrying me at the moment is: will it fit my wife's laptop? I am hoping it will, otherwise it will be straight back, I will have absolutely no compunction on that score. I even asked them to confirm that it would fit the laptop, and they said it will be OK, TWICE, but did NOT state that it would fit!! We will see and I assure you I will update you.

Many thanks for your thoughts.

  Housten 12:24 01 Jun 2013

Gentlemen, Good Afternoon,

The new battery arrived, it is a 9-cell one, and my wife has had it in her laptop for about a week now. It is much more powerful than the one she had in it and it is seeming to make it run faster as well. So whilst not initially happy with it, she is now relaxed and is using the laptop as normal.

But, we now have a problem!! What do we do with the old battery? Our local Sainsburys does a battery re-cycle, but I do not think it is for this sort of battery. Our local PC World recycles printer cartridges, but I do not re-call anything else or anywhere else that re-cycles these types of batteries! So does anyone know of a safe method of disposing such batteries? Any advice/thoughts/suggestions would be very warmly received, I can assure you.

Many thanks in advance.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:54 01 Jun 2013


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:54 01 Jun 2013
  Zak 15:44 01 Jun 2013

Check if your local council recycle site will take.

  Housten 11:01 02 Jun 2013


Many thanks for your posts. I will check and see who can deal with this locally.

Many thanks, again

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