Where can I store some movie files on my computer?

  Triprajul 19:20 22 May 2010


A friend downloaded some movie files on our computer so that my wife could watch them later. Each movie file is approximately 4.35 GB in size and he downloaded 22 such files to our computer. After he finished, we discovered the drive he downloaded the films to is almost full. The drive only has 100 GBs of space and the drive now only has 3 GBs of free space remaining with the movies there. I have discovered that one of my computer drives has 147 GBs of free space out of 150 GBs. However, the 3 GBs in use are the essential Window XP (SP2) operating files. In spite of this, would it be OK to place the movie file on this drive?

The final question for this Forum is that are there any ways to boost the storage capacity of my drives or rather should I buy an external Hard Disk Drive (by the way, is this the correct term for this?) to increase my computer storage capacities? Any advice given is greatly appreciated.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:25 22 May 2010

Window XP (SP2)?

You should at least update to SP3 for security reasons.

You can create a folder on the same drive as Windows, c:\ ?

E.G. C:\Movies

Then drag the movie files into it.

  johnnyrocker 19:28 22 May 2010

or alternatively buy an external drive and a usb caddy and store them there off pc?


  realist 20:58 22 May 2010

For extra storage I would recommend you get one of these, they are usb powered and you simply drag and drop. I have the 500GB version, they work seamlessly with XP SP2.
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  robin_x 23:09 22 May 2010

I have recently started archiving/collecting movies and have easily filled my 500GB Usb HDD.

Those 320GB Usb powered ones are nice though (if a little expensive).

Do keep movies etc on a separate partition from Windows and minimise what you have on c:.

Uninstall old large applications you never use.

Search you c: for *.* and click the File Size column to sort largest files at the top. Quickly run down the list and see what you can delete/move. Be careful you dont delete anything you arent sure of.

Empty Recycle bin.

Delete old restore points. (make a new one straight away)

Disable hibernation. (hiberfyl.sys may occupy 2GB unnecessarily if you only Sleep or Shutdown.)
See Ultimate Windows Tweaker to disable it

You can easily then make a "small" System Image backup and also store that on the ext drive.
If you have lots of movies, the image will include them and be huge.

I count all mine as replaceable since they are recorded from my PVR, TV Tuner Card (wait for repeats) or a few downloaded.

Keep home movies and personal files on your c: drive and they will be included with an Image and therefore backed up.

Have fun

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