Where can i get tautology bandwidth meter v1.7

  [DELETED] 13:51 28 May 2012

I cannot find a free download for it.

  [DELETED] 13:57 28 May 2012

The latest version would appear to be 1.8 Tautology

  [DELETED] 13:58 28 May 2012

Found the latest version. 1.8

  [DELETED] 13:58 28 May 2012


  [DELETED] 14:39 28 May 2012

Thanks but i cannot find it could some one send a url

  [DELETED] 14:49 28 May 2012

I don't understand why you cannot find it. Click on the Tautology in my previous post or 1.8 in Chronus'. This should open http://tautology-bandwidth-meter.software.informer.com/ and it states download tautology.

  [DELETED] 14:58 28 May 2012

Thanks wolwell but that takes me to bmi installer

  [DELETED] 15:04 28 May 2012

You're right and having now gone further I wouldn't download from there.

I'll do some more searching.

  [DELETED] 15:04 28 May 2012

Hmm you are right,very odd.

If you are just looking for a bandwidth meter? These are free.


Or this.

I expect there are others, just Google. I must admit I cannot recommend any as I have always had unlimited download.

  [DELETED] 15:12 28 May 2012

Thanks wolwell but that takes me to bmi installer

  [DELETED] 15:12 28 May 2012

I'm sorry but there must be a different program to use. I would not use one which seems to have only old versions available form torrents.

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