Where can I get a PC preinstalled with Windows Me?

  ross_99 22:28 20 Oct 2003

Does anyone know where I can get a PC preinstalled with Windows Millenium Edition?
It should be from a reputable manufacturer e.g. compaq,eMachines,Mesh.Any suggestions would be welcome.

  asthenewt 22:38 20 Oct 2003

Why not email the retailers you mentioned and ask them for a system with your requirements.
Alt. ebay 2nd user Time pcs etc

  DieSse 01:39 21 Oct 2003

Why not go to a reputable local shop, who can build you a system from the same (or better) standard parts that everyone from small to larges uses - and equip it with whatever software you wish, give you a perasonal service, and probably better attention that any "large" supplier.

After all, "reputable" doesn't mean "large" as you seem to be implying - it means having a good reputation - you might not feel it appropritae to apply that to all "large" suppliers if you scout round some of the problems you see on these pages.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:33 21 Oct 2003

'you might not feel it appropritae to apply that to all "large" suppliers if you scout round some of the problems you see on these pages'....to retain the balance, there have been quite a few threads about the failings of the much-vaunted 'local computer shop'.



  accord 08:00 21 Oct 2003

why do you need win Me????

  Andsome 09:01 21 Oct 2003

I COULD NOT AGREE MORE. This has long been a hobby horse of mine. If you have a good local shop, it is better than sliced bread. No premium rate telephone help lines, no waiting in for engineers who do not arrive, etc etc etc. I ordered mine to a spec agreed with my local shop on a Thursday, and it was delivered the next Wednesday, and installed for me. He then spent an hour with me explaining XP, and showed me the art of CD burning, which I had never done before. If any problems occur, you can pop in and talk about it. However, problems are far less likely, because the machine has not had to be delivered by a courier service, and possibly thrown about all over the place. If anyone is fortunate enough to live in the South Staffordshire area, I can point them in the direction of the best little computer shop to be found anywhere.

  graham√ 09:19 21 Oct 2003

I agree also. A local shop that you know has been there some time is clearly doing well. They wouldn't last five minutes if they spent all their time fixing their own machines.

  pj123 12:02 21 Oct 2003

Try this site click here

  WaiKent 12:05 21 Oct 2003

I bought an Advent pc preinstalled with it. im not happy though as i will lose the operating system if i format so i have a stupid recovery disk which sux. I'd rather buy the disk and install it myself.

  deadneat 12:55 21 Oct 2003

here today, gone tomorrow (many good local shops)

  dogtrack 12:57 21 Oct 2003

I really must ask, WHY???

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