Where can I get Bullguard Anti Virus from

  ponytail 10:08 27 Dec 2014

I would like to get Bullguard Anti Virus but can only find it for one user and want it for three PCs.Can anyone suggest somewhere to get it.I looked on Amazon and Ebay but they only seem to have it for one user.

  ponytail 11:07 27 Dec 2014

I do have Bullguard Internet Security which runs out in March.That is for 3 PCs so I have it on my wifes laptop as well.Is it not possible to get the Anti Virus program for 3 PCs.My wife also has a Apple I Pad Air how do you get security on that can you install a Bullguard program on it.Thank's

  spuds 12:20 27 Dec 2014

This is PCA' choice for 2014/17 click here

  spuds 13:01 27 Dec 2014

Whoops - "This is PCA' choice for 2014/17". Should have been 2014/15. Drank to much Diet Coke yesterday ;o)

  wee eddie 14:04 27 Dec 2014

Ponytail: Don't forget to disable the old AV before you enable the new

  ponytail 21:05 27 Dec 2014

If I have Bullguard internet security do I need Bullguard Anti Virus.You cannot get The Anti Virus program for 3 PCs but they do Internet Security for 3 PCs.Cannot find the Anti Virus program for 3 PC.s anywhere.Tried Amazon and Ebay

  wee eddie 23:09 27 Dec 2014

ponytail: as far as I know, Bullguard Internet Security includes their Anti Virus product ~ Look at the Home Page.

Woolwell: I did actually mean "disable", although "Uninstall" is often the best way to do this.

I am under the impression that although you can only have one active Anti Virus on your PC, there is no reason why you should not have more than one installed.

  ponytail 09:20 28 Dec 2014

Thanks for all that advice will just renew the internet security program when it expires in March.But will get it from Amazon which is where I got my current version from a lot cheaper than getting direct from Bullguard unless they have a offer on.It was £12 cheaper the last time I purchased it.

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