Where can I get this from?

  nelly123 08:39 14 Feb 2007

check this site click here

I want the number plate designer, but there are no links to either who made it or infact who made the website which is strange.

  mco 12:48 14 Feb 2007

No address, no contact number - keep well clear

  anchor 13:26 14 Feb 2007

I agree with mco.

  nelly123 17:44 14 Feb 2007

I dont want a number plate I want to know where I can get one of them plate designer things for my website

  bowman 19:24 14 Feb 2007

As far as I'm aware..
It is illegal to manufacture your own number plates?

Quote from....

click here

"To make all this enforceable every number plate suppliers must be registered with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and must show his name and post code on each number plate he supplies.

In addition you must supply proof of I.D.when buying plates ( preferrably a photocard driving licence ) and also proof that the number is yours( V5 registration document ( log book) , V750 (pink) or V778 (green) certificate for the registration number, V11 vehicle licence renewal, or V948).

The supplier must keep records of all the above and make them available to the police if requested."

So I dont see how the site could be legal??

(Willing to stand corrected if I'm wrong)


  nelly123 07:26 17 Feb 2007

right now we got he legalities and what people think of the website etc out of the way can we get back to my question please?

where can I get the form thing from to make one myself?

  Forum Editor 09:45 17 Feb 2007

has been created in shopping cart software Nellie - in Actinic, at a guess.

click here

  PurplePenny 23:54 17 Feb 2007

The number plate designer is JavaScript. If you look at the source code for the page you will see the name (pdesigner1.js) and URL of the script. I've taken a look at the script: it is very complex and it doesn't give any indication of where it came from so I suspect that it was either commissioned or purchased (so you cannot copy it).

I suggest you contact the site designer and ask about the script.

  PurplePenny 23:58 17 Feb 2007

Hmm... just noticed what you said about no contact details. Not good. You could try e-mailing 'admin @ mikesplates' or 'postmaster @ ...' and hope that they have a catch-all inbox for those sorts of generic address.

  Forum Editor 12:01 18 Feb 2007

that anyone who wants to sell number plates in the UK has to be registered with DVLA and maintain records of all plates sold, showing the name and address of the purchaser, together with a confirmation that the seller checked the buyer's credentials, and his/her entitlement to the registration number.

Anyone buying a plate must prove his/her identity, and that he/she is entitled to that particular registration number. Various documents are accepted, including:-

For proof of entitlement to the vehicle registration mark:

V5 registration document

V11 licence renewal application form

copy of hire/lease contract

company letter on headed paper, including VAT number or VE103 (vehicle on hire certificate)

proof of Cherished Transfer

For proof of identity:

A current photocard driving licence

Utility bill and current paper driving licence

Utility bill and passport

Utility bill and credit/debit card with photograph

Utility bill and travel pass card with photograph

Utility bill and foreign national identity card

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