Where can I find my stored passwords in OE6

  Bargee 11:53 25 Mar 2013


I've recently bought a laptop running Win7 on which I cannot use my favoured OE6. The available email program/s I can use, do not have a facility to import email accounts from OE6 either, it seems I have to manually enter my email accounts, passwords etc. My problem is that because I've used the import email accounts facility in OE6 on a few occasions, I no longer remember my original passwords.

Is there a way of retrieving them from my PC's OE6 data?


  Mr Mistoffelees 12:03 25 Mar 2013

Try this, it is claimed to work with IE 4 to 9.

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:06 25 Mar 2013

Sorry, must read better! You said OE not IE, try this instead.

  Batch 18:01 25 Mar 2013

You could try Snadboy's Revelation http://www.softpedia.com/get/Security/Password-Managers-Generators/SnadBoy-s-Revelation.shtml

But you may have trouble downloading it as many (most?) anti-virus / anti-malware software these days treats it as a threat (for the very reason that it can reveal your passwords).

I've used it for years, but I block it from having internet access so it can't pass the information on elsewhere in any event.

  lotvic 20:04 25 Mar 2013

If XP pc is still working you could use free program SIW - works for me, even lists my email addys and passwords of Outlook Express Accounts that have been deleted. (I guess it depends on if you have reinstalled from fresh anytime, I use Acronis images so that is why siw can still find my old accounts)

There is a portable version that is Free http://download.cnet.com/SIW-Portable/3000-2094_4-12306386.html If it can find any they should be under 'Passwords'. I have no idea if that would work on old harddrive hooked up as a slave.

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