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Where can I find a fan for my northbridge chip?

  Bailey08787 17:17 31 Jul 2006

The northbridge fan on my MSI K8N Diamond motherboard has died on me.

I went out and bought a nifty blue passive zalman cooler, only to realise that there was not enough room for it due to my SLI configuration.

Now I'm having trouble finding a northbridge fan - can only find the passive coolers that are too big.

Anybody know where I can get one?


  Belatucadrus 23:42 02 Aug 2006

Looking at the akasa blue chipset cooler, the fan is supplied in a unit with a heat exchanger. The block is secured to the chip with "Thermally conductive adhesive transfer tape"
If you don't want to stick the fan in place, check out the Vantec range click here , they're multi purpose and will work on chipsets as well as VGA cards.

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