Where can I find emoticons for outlook express?

  Dannyb 17:44 04 Apr 2003

I recently downloaded hotbar which gave loads of emoticons which could be used by outlook express. However, I found it is full of spyware as well so removed it. Is there anywhere that you can get a button attached to outlook express which gives a good supply of emoticons for easy use?

  €dstow 18:09 04 Apr 2003

Remember all your efforts with emoticons will be wasted if your recipient views emails using plain text. An awful lot of people do use plain text.

If you want to retain your graphic content, why not use :;-)({}<> etc. in various combinations.


  recap 18:17 04 Apr 2003

click here for a list of emoticons and smileys.

  AudioVic' 23:54 04 Apr 2003

downloading Incredimail.

No spyware and free with loads of stuff.

Replaces outlook express but has exactly the same appearance and works in the same way.

I use it all the time and it includes loads of smilys and animated ones too.

click here

Worth a try. I use it all the time.

It works from your hotmail account so you need a msnet passport as in MSN.

  Peter E 00:03 05 Apr 2003
  Pesala 00:10 05 Apr 2003

Sending emails with rich graphic content is really unnecessary. They fill up mail boxes far faster and waste bandwidth. Not a big issue you might think, but the difference in file size is about tenfold.

  -pops- 06:59 05 Apr 2003

I agree with Pesala. Emails are supposed to be a means of sending messages, not be works of art in their own right.

You might think me an old misery but if I receive fancy emails with pastel tinted backgrounds, decorations and/or emoticons I strongly doubt the motives or sanity of the sender. If, or when, I read the contents, that often shows that I was right.

€dstow makes a good point as well, you are wasting your time with a lot of recipients as they may well have their system, for whatever reason, setup up as plain text in which case they will not see all of your efforts.


  Goldcroft 07:06 05 Apr 2003

Well said Pesala and pops. There is also the point that email text is presumably meant to be read. Some of the ones I get are not easy to read due to the clever, clever backgrounds. Actually, it's not clever, just a click on a stationery button.

  Aussie Fred 07:30 05 Apr 2003

Go to click here an excellent program with all of the emoticons you would ever need

  Pesala 07:47 05 Apr 2003

I could not fathom out normal emoticons like ;) until someone told me to look at them sideways. Since I don't wish to get a crick in my neck, I prefer to use Japanese Ones click here (~_~)

Another point. I know that everyone is busy at work, but isn't the whole art of communication in danger of disappearing? If one neesd graphics to express one's feelings, doesn't that just mean that one is too lazy to find the right word? (>_<)

  -pops- 09:04 05 Apr 2003

What an excellent statement!!

I entirely agree that the art of communication is disappearing, not only in the written word but speech as well. How often do people actually talk to each other?


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