Where can I buy a retail boxed W D hard Drive

  Newuser2 14:47 21 Oct 2003

I have been told by people far more knowledgeable than myself that if I wish to install a additional HD I should buy a retail boxed unit.
Trouble is search as I may I cannot find anyone selling them.
I ordered what I thought was a retail unit from Dabs but it's arrived & it's an OEM.

  woodchip 15:56 21 Oct 2003

You do not need a retail HD, but is always best to get same make if you can as there may be less probs setting up

  Stuartli 16:14 21 Oct 2003

If you are keen on a Western Digital HDD, make a note of the fact that models ending with the letters JB have a three rather than one year warranty.

An example is the WD600JB Caviar Special Edition which I have - it came from Scan of Bolton.

The one drawback is that the JB versions are usually of slightly smaller capacity, a 60GB instead of 80GB for instance.

However, two weeks after I bought my WD 60GB model for £66 including VAT, the 80GB version became available at the same price...:-(

  Stuartli 16:22 21 Oct 2003

It was an OEM version and I probably saved around £30 buying it in this form - why pay for fancy packaging and bits and bobs you probably don't require?

  bretsky 16:41 21 Oct 2003

I recently bought a 120GB HD from PC world, boxed and complete with installation software which includes partitioning, just like NormanD, and now I have 5 drives to my system.
Regard Bretsky............

  Newuser2 18:14 21 Oct 2003

The reason I wanted a retail box was so I had all the drivers, screws, software etc. supplied rather than having to chase round and get them.
I've discovered that Western Digital have an office just down the raod so I'll call in tommrrow to see if they can supply the software.
A note of caution DABS want to charge me £7.50 + VAt to return the OEM HD.
Their site does not give any info re OEM or retail.
Beware of DABS I've seen discussions re their service and I have to agree that it's very bad at this moment in time.

  Rayuk 18:46 21 Oct 2003

Perhaps you may have been better of taking it to PCWorld and getting them to put one in from their components section[which are also oem]
Or buy some screws from them.
Cheaper than sending it back.

The knowledgeable people you know should have informed you most online sellers sell oem drives.

  Newuser2 13:44 22 Oct 2003

As I said earlier I have today called into Western Digitals office at Ashtead & a very pretty
lady supplied me with the manuals, installation floppy, ribbon cable & screws etc.
Ok so I'mlucky to live near the office but thats what I call service, will I buy Western Digital again YES.
Will I ever buy from Dabs again, will I hell.

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