Where can I buy the cheapest top branded CD-R s?

  Tinkey Winkey 17:16 21 Sep 2003

Where's the cheapest place to buy top branded
CD-R packs such as Sony ?

  OneSirKnight 18:10 21 Sep 2003

what area do you live in?

  Proxy worm 18:12 21 Sep 2003

maplins (if u have one in your area) have good deals.

  Alan Ryan 18:17 21 Sep 2003

Bought a pack of 10 (Sony) for £8.49 at ASDA last week. Thought that was quite good value.

  Tinkey Winkey 18:18 21 Sep 2003

I live way out over the back of beyond where there are so few people in the area that most of them are probably related....so I'm looking to buy online ;)

  Tinkey Winkey 18:21 21 Sep 2003

Thanks Alan Ryan, I'll have a look in my local supermarkets on the next grub run.

Meanwhile I'm hoping to find somewhere online...?

  rev.bem 18:22 21 Sep 2003
  clayton 18:24 21 Sep 2003

Verbatim 48x 80min CDR 50 piece spindle £11.16 from ccl computers click here

  Socalled 18:33 21 Sep 2003

I don't think onesirknight was asking for your address just the area,like Manchester /oxford.
try to be a little more direct when someone trys to help you instead of being frivolous.

Ebuyer have a decent price on a spindle of 100 48 spped "White top" CD/R's

Made by Diskwrite I have had about 300 of these now and have yet to have a dodgy one.

Price £19.25 Inc VAT (19 pence each)

click here

  dazzling (work) 18:59 21 Sep 2003

if you have a morrisons supermarket they somtimes knock imation cdr's out at 30 for £10.darren

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