Where is cache stored on my computer

  Clive of India 17:05 23 Nov 2013

Hi Everyone

I really could do with some help, I use to download video clips mainly on diy topics and car repair stuff. I downloaded them just in case I needed to refer to them again and maybe they’d been taken off the internet or if the internet was down I would still be able to view them.

I used RealPlayer to download them with but for some reason the latest version of RealPlayer doesn’t seem to work. I had a look around on the net for any information concerning the problem and came across the topic below.

YOU DON’T REALLY NEED ANY OF THESE PROGRAMS AND USING THEM IS JUST A WASTE OF TIME & BANDWIDTH.. Most of the time you decide whether you want to save a particular video or not is taken only after you have seen the video and liked it. So when you decide to save it using any of these tools, you would essentially be downloading the same video twice. A better alternate is to open the cache file of your browser and find the *.tmp file that corresponds to the size of the video.. (if you sort it by size, it would mostly show up at top)..copy this tmp file to the folder you want to save and rename the extention as *.flv.. The only thing you need to take care is not to close the tab/window of the web page before copying the tmp to a safe directory.

I’m using Windows 7 with FireFox 25.0.1, can someone please tell me where I would need to look for my cache files, I’m assuming it’s not the same as clicking on tools, options, privacy and clicking remove history.

My computer as a tera bite hard drive which is split into two hard drives local disk C and local disk D.

Any help would be much appreciated


  lotvic 18:39 23 Nov 2013

This page says: The cache folder of Mozilla Firefox is located under C:\Documents and Settings[User Name]\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles[Profile Name]\Cache

'CacheViewer' used to be on addons.mozilla.org click here but now says not available for FF25. I don't know why.

and then there is VideoCache View click here

  lotvic 18:42 23 Nov 2013

so sorry, I forgot to post link. This page says where cache folder is under C:\Documents and SettingsUser Name]\Local Settings\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles[Profile Name]\Cache [click here

  lotvic 18:44 23 Nov 2013

Well I made a mess of that :D

Try again click here

  finerty 17:43 25 Nov 2013

Lotvic dont worry, it just happens now and then

  Clive of India 17:48 26 Nov 2013

Hi Lotvic Sorry for the delay in answering, thanks for your reply I've had a go at downloading Videocacheview together with gomplayer.

I managed videocacheview but I downloaded some junk with gomplayer as I was bombarded with loads of other sites.

I've got to say when it comes to computers I'm hopeless, giving my age away here but when I was a kid there was no such thing as computers or internet.

Anyway back to my point somehow I've managed to download search.us.com and the darn thing won't let me set my homepage in FireFox. I looked on the search.us .com web site and they say go to the control panel and then add and remove programs, I tried that and couldn't even see it in the listing, I'm not even sure if it would show up as search.us.com or whether it would show up by some other name, in fact I don’t know where else to look for it as I’m not very computer savvy.

Don’t suppose you have any ideas on what else I could try to get rid of it.

Cheers Clive

  lotvic 17:57 26 Nov 2013

The age range on here goes from teens up to the eighties :D most of us 'regulars' are from mid age or retired so you are in good company.

To get rid of search.us .com There's a bit of tweaking to the browsers need doing, follow the guide on click here (Any tools used in malware removal guides are completely free)

  Clive of India 15:46 27 Nov 2013

Hi Lotvic

What can I say absolutely brilliant thanks for your help, I’ve managed to get rid of that darn search us.com, promise you won’t laugh, I’m so bad with computers before I hit the restore button on FireFox I did screen dumps of all the setup boxes, things which are listed under tools and advanced settings not realising some of the boxes have ticks in them by default.

It took me ages to do all the screen dumps but at least I’d got a kind of paper trail back.

I will still check though everything just to make sure everything is more or less set up how my son had done it for me.

Lotvit I’m kind of coming full circle here, but I did like using RealPlayer for doing my downloads with, I’ve just re-installed it and the problem I’m getting for example downloading a short video off www.wickes.co.uk on their How-to Videos, How to replace a radiator, I can see the download button showing just above the video screen but I keep getting a message saying “An error occurred, please try again later. Learn More.

I’m using FireFox 25.0.1, I don’t know how to find out what version of Adobe Flash Player I’m using or to Enable JavaScript.

If you have the time I’d sure appreciate it if you could make any suggestions on how I can get RealPlayer to work or indeed how to find out the version of Flash Player and how make sure I’ve got Java enable.

Thank you again


  lotvic 17:18 27 Nov 2013

In Firefox, go to Tools, Add-ons, Plugins and it will tell you which version. Or online you can check if using latest version of Flash Player on your computer click here

In Firefox, go to Tools then Options, Click on the Content tab, If you have Java installed there will be a box for you to tick to Enable JavaScript. If you haven't got Java installed there will be no box and no mention of Java in the Content tab. (I don't have Java installed)

I don't use RealPlayer so can't help with that.

I use Video DownloadHelper an Addon for Mozilla Firefox from click here

  lotvic 17:24 27 Nov 2013

You might find it easier and you have more choices of type of file (mp4, flv, 3gp) to download the wickes radiator vid from YouTube click here

  Clive of India 22:52 27 Nov 2013


I’m back again

I’ve been into the FireFox Tools, Add-ons and found I’m running on Shockwave Flash 11.9.900.152.

I’ve also looked under the content tab but can’t see a box for Java which as you say would indicate I don’t have it. However when I looked in the Add-ons manager window there are two listed the first one is Java Deployment Toolkit 7.0.450.18 is known to be a vulnerable. Use with caution. NPRuntime Script Plug-in Library for Java (TM) Deploy Ask to Activate.

The second one is Java (TM) Platform SE 7 U45 Next Generation Java Plug-in for Mozilla browsers Always Active.

I next downloaded the video helper and tried their little test video but still got an error message, I can’t see video helper in the add-ons list or on the toolbar, but if I click Tools it appears in the drop down list, so I assume I have downloaded it correctly or am I doing something wrong.

Sorry to sit you down and shine a light in your eyes but if you can suggest anything further or tell me if I’ve not downloaded video helper correctly don’t hesitate to tell me.



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