Where to buy and what MP3 player

  herc182 09:36 16 Jun 2003

Hey people, my girlfriend wants to buy an MP3 player to put all her (or most of) cds on since she is going to America for a year in industry.
I basically want to hear from people who have one, what MP3 players are good, and wht website is best to but from.

Price is not really an issue, but preferably under £300 (since i might buy it for her!).

Thanks peeps


  herc182 09:50 16 Jun 2003

Sorry, i should have said. given that she wants to put a lot of cds on it, i would be looking for one that is like a 20gig HDD, as this would (i suppose) be the best option. feel free to correct me though!

  herc182 12:13 16 Jun 2003


  herc182 08:33 17 Jun 2003

thank you for your help guys, this will help me a lot! I will now try busking to raise enough money for it (still being a student an all!).


From a grateful student

  herc182 08:49 17 Jun 2003

the apple looks very styley but at a price. think i will go for the creative labs jukebox 3. looks like it can take a beating (as my gf is a little clumsy!) and it has all she needs.
but it is very big! my brother has one, and it really aint that portable. will have a closer look at the ipod again!


  mikef. 13:10 17 Jun 2003

I've just upgraded to the 20gig Creative Zen a cracking MP3 player will hold over 300 CD's and very easy to use about the size of a walkman with a 14 hour battery life, got mine from Amazon click here £288.99 (which is about the recommended price from creative with out VAT click here )

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