Where to buy a Pc?

  And175 10:03 17 Dec 2006


as you might already have understood, I am soon going to buy my very first gaming pc and aside all the enquiries about the hardware specifications I'm wondering "where" to buy it......
big chain "Pc W...." or small shop next door?
My main issue, 'cause I'm not able to assemble all the pc's components myself, is to find a place where I could tell what I want (which processor, graphic card etc..) and they would be able to do the "job" for me.
Any reccomendations?

  bigggles 10:40 17 Dec 2006

I have had many years of satisfactory service from Evesham. Their PCs frequently score well in reviews, they have shops around the country staffed by knowledgable techies and a reputation for good after sales service. I don't think that applies to PCW or other major chains.

If you can find a small shop that is reliable and has the required depth of experience that's also a good option.

  User-312386 10:49 17 Dec 2006

Hi there

Why can't you build your own PC? It is great satisfaction, when you have finished it.

  tony58 18:19 17 Dec 2006

look at this site click here

  Hugo15 20:49 17 Dec 2006

I've just hd a terrible experience with PC World, late delivery and faulty product (twice). Won't ever be going there again. Customer service was dreadful.

  wee eddie 22:32 17 Dec 2006

But they don't really do Cutting Edge

Read the Top 5 at the back of the magazine

  wee eddie 22:35 17 Dec 2006

But they don't really do Cutting Edge

Read the Top 5 at the back of the magazine

  Strawballs 22:48 17 Dec 2006
  TonyTT 17:11 18 Dec 2006

Best gaming system I have ever bought. Wired2fire

click here

You can choose exactly what you want and they give it a great tune up and test run before dispatch. Definitely do it this way, do not buy from PC world or any other high street retailer. Also don't buy a ready made system from anyone (customise it for your own needs), it may be the business but why the hell do you need 2 X 200 gig hard-drives, expensive case or 2 x optical drives etc, you don't, it is just a waste of money. Splash the cash on the real system essentials.

  cactusjack 20:31 18 Dec 2006

Anyone had a good experience with Comet?? :)

  wee eddie 23:59 18 Dec 2006

Just bought 2 Mickey Mouse Ice Cream Makers from Comet. I actually bought my laptop from Comet, it was very heavily discounted as the case was badly marked (not a thing that fusses me much) and I still got the full Warranty.

They're useful for buying "off the shelf" but don't expect "Cutting Edge" stuff or high powered gaming machines. Good for a Family Runabout and you can see what your getting. I am told that the extra warranty/insurance is a tad overpriced!

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