Where to buy ink

  frenchman96 13:38 02 May 2012

Hi Guys

I have bought and tried compatable ink from 3 internet companies guaranteeing they would work in my Epson SX115 but they don't.

I believe the odd printer or model, will always reject compatibles.

So where is cheapest place to buy original Epson cartridges please.

  Nontek 14:17 02 May 2012

If you are adamant at buying only Epson originals, you may as well buy a new printer each time yours run out of ink!

I used to buy Originals only for my Epson printers, but that was some years ago, I now only use Compatibles and have not had any problems.

I bought my last lot from Choice Stationery, for my current Epson SX445W.

  frenchman96 14:32 02 May 2012


I hear what you say, and agree to a degree, but (A) I have bought compatables from Inkredink and cartridge people, who GUARANTEE they will work, but they dont.

And (B) its a terrible thing when we have to dump ANOTHER printer to the slag heap, plus, dont they put a min of ink in the printer.

Most annoying thing is, I usually only print the odd letter or small amounts of text, I would like to think I could manage with black only, but don't think its possible?

  onthelimit1 15:25 02 May 2012

Perhaps you'd be better off with a low-cost B&W laser for example

  HondaMan 15:51 02 May 2012

Try www.mx2.com or www.7dayshop.com

Both offer excellent compatibles

  interzone55 16:43 02 May 2012

I've always bought compatibles for Epson from Choice Stationery, but I've just bought a new model and they've only got compatible colour carts listed at the moment, so I'm going to try 7 Day Shop, they're listing all four carts for about 50% less than a single black cart.

  Woolwell 16:52 02 May 2012

Tesco supply quite good compatible ink. If you want originals then try Amazon.

  daz60 17:02 02 May 2012

Today had to spend £18.99 on a Canon no37 black...jeez...they have us by the &&&&&&&&.The EU can harp on about roaming fees and other stuff why don't they investigate manufacturers ink pricing.

  robin_x 17:47 02 May 2012

Refill kits with syringe, instructions and a hand twist drill bit are an alternative.

Bit of a faff.

I mainly print in black or greyscale anyway, but. I left my colour cartridge dry for too long and refilling don't work on that no more (tried soaking and cleaning solution).

The inks of course are cheap. But it's only for home use and a few letters.

Some say the heads can be damaged. But with most models, the head is in the cartridge (except Epsons!). I'm not sure I believe it anyway.

I would use a Print Service for glossy photos if you want long term prints.

  catpwss 20:28 02 May 2012
  frenchman96 09:02 03 May 2012

thanks guys, it's a minefield, I am now looking bat changing printer, I hear that Kodak ink is one of cheapest?

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